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When it comes to cartoning solutions for fragile or numerous parenteral products, or those requiring special configurations inside the carton, the VERTICARE stands out because it allows extremely controlled, precise cartoning.

This is a highly flexible solution for packaging a wide range of parenteral products and medical devices creating 100% paper-based packaging.

Vertical cartoning for parenteral product

The VERTICARE vertical cartoner can be equipped with a series of modules to enable bespoke product handling and fully customised packaging.

The carton magazine is designed to be easy to load and the slope enables cartons to be picked up cleanly and precisely without damaging the package with the weight of the cartons. Withdrawal is positive and precise.

Cartons are transported on positive transport belts. The flow is therefore fully controlled and fluid, to preserve the product that will be inserted.

The product is inserted carefully by the IMA robot. This system is designed to manage a broad variety of products in terms of dimensions, shape, stability and fragility. A delicate pick-up ensures products containing liquid that must not be shaken are handled with extreme care.

Accessories feeding systems are numerous and flexible. For example liners, spray pumps, spoons, etc.

It is ideal for configurations that require products to be spaced out or stabilised inside the carton, thanks to the vertical insertion of products and accessories into the cartons with pre-glued sectioning, without the need for preliminary tray filling.

Vertical packaging solutions
Carton with multiple + booklet
Carton with vial + multiple booklets
Carton with bottle + syringe
Carton with Multiple vials + leaflet

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