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IMA Life • Aseptic Processing and Freeze Drying Solutions

IMA Life is the ideal partner for aseptic processing lines. The product range includes blowers, washers, depyrogenating tunnels, liquid and powder fillers, freeze dryers, automatic loaders/unloaders, labellers, isolation systems.

IMA Life Updates

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The Unique Potential. Containment. Compliance. Modularity.

IMA Life designs and manufactures tailored solutions to process liquid, powder and lyo products in an aseptic environment.

INJECTA 36. Increasing your potential

Enhancing the performance of advanced robotics, the INJECTA 36 raises the bar for high-speed production of Ready-To-Use components.


IMA Life presents the new SMART 300 POWDER AUGER, an innovative powder processing concept. Output of the 6 augers reaches 300 pcs/min, also enabling multiple dosing of two pharmaceutical powder types inside the same vial. Aseptic processing speeds have never been so safe.

MODULA. Eyes on assembly.

With a wide range of syringes handled, IMA Life MODULA Series ensures a continuous motion principle to assemble up to 300 syringes per minute. Make your process more modular through the configurations that can be achieved thanks to the combination of its three operating units: plunger rod assembly, label application and backstop insertion. The highest automation level in a compact design.

LYO-Regen. Give your equipment a second life.

Enhance the performance of your LYO and loading/unloading systems, remove obsolescence, extend their lifespan,  
and achieve environmental and cGMP compliance with a comprehensive set of upgrade services covering machine componentry, refrigeration and vacuum technologies, equipment controls, and all other ancillary systems.

The coolest laboratory spray freezing module.
LYnfinity starts here.


Setting new standards in aseptic processing

Producing more than 200 machines per year in the field of liquid and powder filling, most of which are integrated into complete processing lines and with over 1000 freeze dryers installed in over 50 different countries, IMA Life can manage large-scale projects, designing and manufacturing customised solutions to meet special end-user requirements.

IMA Life operates out of six production sites, each one specialised in a specific step of the process.

Customers are IMA Life’s core business. Understanding customers’ needs and offering service/support create a real benefit throughout the entire supply chain. The relationship with customers is what guides the way we design and develop machinery and services.

Qualified project managers follow the customers from the very beginning of URS definition through the entire project lifespan. They plan, organise, secure and manage resources ensuring that end-user time-to-market deadlines are met.

Ampoule and vial processing

One of the major challenges for IMA Life is to implement the latest technologies in aseptic filling, whilst ensuring compliance with the highest cGMP’s standards in filling accuracy.

From the decontamination of containers, through depyrogenation, up to filling, closing and capping operations, all our efforts are targeted to avoid any possible contamination risk while delivering the highest performance.

The very compact and versatile design of IMA Life machines for filling liquids and powders into ampoules and vials, allows for suitable integration under isolator or different containment solutions without changing the basic machine configuration and minimising human intervention in the processing area.

The external washers complete the range and fit the market’s increasing demand for decontamination solutions to remove product particles from the outside of ampoules and vials.

“Ready To Use” syringe, cartridges and vial processing

Product fill-finish in an aseptic environment is a critical operation in terms of accuracy, precision and reliability. IMA Life’s new generation of highly flexible filling, stoppering and capping machines for RTU sterilised syringes, cartridges and vials in nest and tubs, fully conforms to these requirements.

IMA Life’s compact and ergonomic solutions have recently been improved by the innovative application of advanced robotics, hereby replacing the standard machine motions, with an aim to assuring a smooth production process, minimising occupied floorspace, and drastically reducing human intervention.

Ensuring very high performance, the absolute break through in technology is the ability to perform 100% check weighing of the whole of processed and nested syringes, with single rejection from the nest.

Freeze drying

For more than half a century, IMA Life has provided the benchmark for freeze drying solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The machine range includes industrial FD,  solutions for pilot work or clinical trial production or even R&D laboratory freeze dryers. These last freeze dryers are available for the USA and Canadian markets only.

This wide range of custom-built freeze dryers are available as stand-alone units or integrated in complete lines including automatic loading and unloading systems for vial transfer.

IMA Life’s steady investments in R&D initiatives have resulted in innovative solutions in the lyophilisation process and technologies such as:

  • Veriseq TM, advanced innovative controlled nucleation technology capable of producing sterile cryogenic ice fog (Ice Fog Nucleation)
  • FusionTM shelves produced in-house using an automated manufacturing process to ensure lower operating costs, enhanced process control and reduced risk.
  • Fusion PlusTM, further improvement of the Fusion technology to avoid sticking stoppers. This proven solution consists of a low-adhesion coating applied to the lower shelf surface and it is patented worldwide.
  • KryoAir,  new 100% green refrigerant, using air as the refrigerant used in freeze dryers. The system is based on a series of compression/cooling/expansion steps of AIR, which can be cooled to a temperature as low as -100° C.
  • Sentinel-LYO, IMA Life’s cloud-based system for freeze-drying data analytics and health monitoring.
  • WiSe, multi-point, battery-free wireless temperature sensors, developed for monitoring product temperature.
  • Quantum mass spectrometry, a multipurpose device performing quantitative, real-time, process-relevant measurements.
  • Lynfinity technology which brings to the market a robust yet gentle continuous aseptic process for spray freeze drying.
  • Lynfinity LAB, designed for lab environments, Lynfinity LAB features the same freezing process present on the production Lynfinity, generating uniform frozen droplets from liquid formulation.

Bottle processing

Either intermittent or continuous motion, IMA Life bottle fillers for pharmaceuticals can dose different types of products like infusions, ophthalmics, preparations, suspensions, intranasal products, oral drops, drinkable sugary syrups, detergent/disinfectant solutions, etc. and can apply different types of closures like screw caps, push-on caps, droppers, reducers, pumps, dip tubes, ROPP caps, etc.

Robust, efficient and safe, these series of machines are capable of producing under extreme load conditions, ensuring high output requirements.

Designed for working as stand-alone machines as well as in integrated lines, they represent IMA Life’s response to the demands for flexibility and reliability coming from the pharmaceutical market today.

Labelling and serialisation

The IMA Life production range includes a vast array of linear and rotary labelling machines for vials, ampoules, bottles, blow-fill-seal containers and cartons.

Supplied in stand-alone versions or as an integral part of complete packaging lines, they can apply any kind of self-adhesive labels (wrap-around, front, rear or both sides) on standard or irregularly shaped plastic or glass containers, as well as vignette and tamper-evident sealing on both aeroplane style and reverse tuck cartons.

These machines feature different solutions to align the packaging of pharmaceutical products to emerging requirements in terms of Track & Trace of the final products.

Thanks to the configuration flexibility of the operative groups, the labelling machines can fit overprinting devices and camera vision systems to read and check data.

IMA Life Service Solutions

IMA Life provides a complete set of services designed to assist customers in several areas and improve their overall performance. Highly skilled professionals, cutting-edge laboratories and full support before, during and after installation.

Service Portfolio

The full service offering encompasses a multitude of specially developed packages to boost production efficiency, anticipate maintenance requirements or implement rapid corrective measures. A vast selection of training modules for key operational aspects also covers process yield and quality control as well as giving technological insight into the machinery. To complete the services provided, IMA Life also supports customers with equipment upgrades, total overhaul and line relocation.

IsoTech Laboratory

Located in Bologna (Italy), at the IMA Life facility, this laboratory is specifically conceived to perform internal research and to develop activities/training sessions in cooperation with customers. Equipped with machines under isolator, customers can carry out tests in the presence of our engineering staff and microbiologists to evaluate performance and determine optimisation opportunities.

Lab4Life Laboratory

Located in Tonawanda (USA), at the IMA Life North America facility, the Lab4Life Laboratory consists of a certified clean room, analytical support laboratory, product formulation, filling and full-size freeze drying equipment necessary for the development of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products in batch sizes up to 20 litres. The laboratory includes a highly skilled team of professionals who provide assistance to our customers worldwide.

Registered Office & Production Facility:

Via Maestri del Lavoro n. 203 – 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna) – Italy
Tel. +39 051 0296111

Production Facilities

IMA Life Calenzano • Via Francesco Petrarca, 34/40 – 50041 Calenzano (Firenze), Italy
Tel. +39 055 883231 

IMA Life PharmaSiena • Via Benedetto Zalaffi, 1/3 – Zona Industriale Renaccio – 53100 Siena, Italy
Tel. +39 0577 247720 – 379053

IMA Life North America • 2175 Military Road – Tonawanda – NY14150, U.S.A.
Tel. +1 716 695 6354 

IMA Life Beijing • No. 3 JianAn Street, BDA (Yizhuang) – 100176 Beijing, People’s Republic of China
Tel. +86 10 596 23866 899

IMA Life Shanghai • 3590, Caoying Road – Qingpu district, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
Tel. +86 210 59228825

FD Service Centers

IMA Life Division • Via Piero della Francesca, 26 – 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milano), Italy
Tel. +39 02 36566993 

IMA Life The Netherlands B.V. • De Leest 3 – 5107 RC Dongen, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 162 383500