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Rotary filling machines

Once production requirements exceed the capability of inline indexed filling machines, the most efficient solution is to use rotary filling machines.

Rotary Fillers for a large variety of products

To fill products with different consistencies requires precise filling systems with state-of-the-art filling technology. These systems ensure that liquids, pastes or products with particulates are perfectly portioned and efficiently filled into pre-formed cups, glass jars, tubs, or pouches.

Yoghurt, dessert products, fresh cheese, fruit jams, fruit or vegetable purees, sauces, delicatessen salads – our filling systems offer a wide range of applications in the food industry. But not every filling machine is suitable for every product: filling apple puree into pouches, for example, requires different filling mechanisms than those used for portioning delicatessen salad into tubs.

The consistency of the filling substance and the container to be filled (e.g. cup, glass jar, tub or pouch) are the two main factors for the individual configuration of your filling system. Given the vast number of regulations, ever-changing recipes and particularly stringent requirements concerning hygiene, the dairy and food industries need to be able to rely on competent partners able to ensure the correct ingredients: cost-effective solutions and perfectly reliable machinery.

IMA ensures the perfect combination of state-of-the art machinery and industrial common sense to devise optimal turnkey solutions responding to manufacturers in different industries who are obliged to set new trends and evolve within a fast-moving market. Flexibility, customised solutions and a wide range of packaging equipment, together with a highly professional worldwide service network, are the ingredients which will help our customers to gain a competitive advantage.

A large variety of packaging styles

Liquid to pasty products can be filled in different sizes of pre-formed cups, tubs, buckets, glass jars, or in flexible pouches. The machines can run with either mono-material for pouches and cups or paper based cups and lids, both recyclable and in accordance with sustainability practices.

Rotary filling & sealing machine

The R-Line is a rotary filler for a wide range of applications that introduces an innovative design concept that accomplishes remarkable improvements in terms of flexibility, accessibility, and sustainability.


R-Line <br> Rotary filling & sealing machine

Pouch filling

Ermetika is a high-speed, continuous motion rotary machine assembling, filling and sealing spouts and premade pouches in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. High efficiency and premium quality results for countless products typical of the food and dairy market.

ERMETIKA <br>Pouch filling

Pouch filling

Suitable for different filling applications such as food, pet food and beverages, where high hygienic standards, huge flexibility, and rapid changeover procedures are key factors on a competitive market, Modula ensures ultimate filling accuracy and sealing reliability and boasts an extremely low rejection rate.

MODULA <br>Pouch filling