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Rotary Filling & Sealing Machine

Innovative Design Concept, Highest Modularity and Flexibility

The R-Line is a rotary filler for a wide range of applications that introduces an innovative design concept that accomplishes remarkable improvements in terms of flexibility, accessibility, and sustainability.

Liquid to pasty products can be filled in different sizes of pre-formed cups, tubs, buckets, glass jars, and bottles. The machine can run with either mono-material or paper based cups and lids, both recyclable and in accordance with sustainability practices.

Depending on the cup size and volume, the R-Line offers an output range up to 36.000 cups/h.

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R-LINE Highlights

Complete open and hygienic body without table plate.
Wash down design.
Comfortable operating height.
Hygienic equipment from „Clean“ up to „Aseptic Ready“.
Maximum flexibility through future-proofed design.
Wide output range with single and double step concept.

Products to be filled

Handling all products from liquid to high viscous - with or without particulates - such as yoghurt, fresh cheese, quark, desserts, milk, cream, butter, aerated mousse products, deli salads, dips, dressings, hot fill sauce, soups, jam and fruit purees, tomato paste, margarine, humus, beverages (water, coffee, tea, juices, alcohol based drinks) as well as other liquid to pasty products like pet food, creams.
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Cup formats

Different kind of cup formats of pre-formed cups and tubs can be filled.
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  • Technical Data
Machine Versions and Dimensions
  S-Type M-Type L-Type XL-Type
Rotary disc Ø 1.000 mm 1.540 mm 2.080 mm 2.620 mm
Footprint 1.500 x 1.500 mm 2.200 x 2.200 mm 2.700 x 2.700 mm 3.200 x 3.200 mm
Container formats Filling volume: up to 2.500 ml Round Ø: 175 mm Square: 175 mm Height: 180 mm

R-LINE Gallery

R-Line - top view
R-Line - cup destacker
R-Line - cup cassette lifter
R-Line - outfeed conveyor
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