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IMA Group at Rosupack 2019
18-21 June 2019 - Moscow, Russia • Pavilion 3, Hall 14 - Stand B660

Experience processing and packaging with us!

The constantly fast pace of life in Russia leads to the rapidly growth of modern retail formats.

From the traditional Tea & Coffee market through the Beauty and Personal Care sector, all industries are scoring increasing demand
for innovative processing and packaging machinery and technologies.

At Rosupack, IMA is exhibiting its decades of equipment manufacturing experience blended with the new solutions offered by the Group’s latest synergies.

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Discover the machines on show

Selected for you by our team of specialists.

Specialty Roaster

Briciola is the Petroncini roaster that stands out for its design and the minimal amount of space. With a capacity from 0.2 up to 1.5 kg per batch, Briciola is the ideal roaster to evaluate the qualitative yield of green coffee samples and to develop your favorite blend.

Batch: 0.2-1.5 kg
Roasting time: 10-20 min
Capacity: up to 4.5 kg/h
Electrical power

Single, simple, reliable

This IMA Maisa latest model is designed for packing tea automatically in heatsealable paper bags, with thread and tag.
High performance, constant dosage, extreme simplicity and mechanical sturdiness are the most outstanding features of this packer, result of our long experiencein automatic equipments.
Its design allows the operation and maintenance by normally trained technical personnel

Automatic tubefiller

Born to repeat the success of the extraordinary C960-C970 series, the new C1060-C1075 family comes to the market with experience enough to maintain its supremacy in medium speed tubefilling segment. Thus the new C1060-C1075 series still remains the “quintessence” of reliability, ergonomics and ease of use: this recipe for success remains unvaried, as well as the concept of “top class performance in compact size”.

What’s new in the IMA COFFEE Hub?

IMA Coffee Hub is now able to reach every corner of the coffee handling, processing and packaging universe. Comprising a handful of expert companies and supported through consolidated, strategic partnerships, IMA can now address any issue facing coffee producers.

The all-encompassing solution for the coffee industry


Coffee Processing

Right where it all starts, through its Petroncini brand, IMA provides expert consultancy and a complete range of equipment for green coffee handling and processing, roasters for all capacity requirements and high-quality grinders. With exactly 100 years in the industry, Petroncini supplies complete coffee roasting plants for any capacity needs.

  • Green coffee intake, handling, storage, cleaning and sorting
  • Roasting
  • Roasted coffee handling and storage
  • Grinding

Packaging Machines

Once your coffee is ready for the next major step, there is no need to look further than IMA Coffee Hub. Packaging is the group’s key expertise since IMA was founded nearly 60 years ago and knowledge of the coffee industry dates back a couple of decades and spreads well across the globe. Alongside the world’s most comprehensive range of coffee packaging equipment, specially conceived tailored solutions are developed to respond to the market’s fast evolving needs.

  • Soft and hard pods
  • Single serve capsules
  • Bags and sticks
  • Cartons and boxes
  • End-of-line solutions

Capsule Preparation Machines

Spreafico designs and manufactures special machinery to customise standard capsules according to specific requirements. Renowned for this expertise within the coffee industry, many clients turn to Spreafico when they need to insert plastic filters by cutting the capsule bottom or welding paper as well as aluminum filters directly to the capsule body.

IMA Group at Rosupack 2019 • Tea&Herbs market

On show the best processing and packaging solutions.

IMA Tea&Herbs
We project our machines for the future

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in the tea bagging sector and an impressive 70% market share,
IMA Tea & Herbs is the world’s leading supplier of automatic machines designed for the packaging of tea and herbs in filter bags.

With a tradition of excellence and a distinctive flair for innovation, IMA has an in-depth understanding of the market
and is receptive to fast-evolving customer needs. This leads to a high degree of flexibility in the solutions provided
and also enables much-appreciated opportunities for customisation.



IMA Group at Rosupack 2019 • Personal Care market

In a market as demanding and quality-oriented as the personal care sector, IMA, with its vast experience and technical expertise spanning over five decades, can offer the most effective solutions and cater to the widest possible needs.

IMA in the Personal Care market

As a global partner, IMA ensures the perfect combination of creative flair and industrial common sense
to devise optimal turnkey solutions to manufacturers of personal care items.

Flexibility, customised solutions and a range of equipment covering all aspects of packaging, together with a highly professional 
worldwide service network, are the ingredients which will help our customers gain a real competitive advantage”

Let’s meet the experts of Personal Care for a virtual tour of our product range.

IMA Digital: make it real.
Smart Machines. Smart Services. Smart Organization.

Discover IMA Digital Services for machine data visualization and analysis as well as machine monitoring tools. Innovative AR solutions for size change over operations and immersive VR systems for operator’s and maintenance training will enhance Operational Excellence to ensure continuous growth of productivity.

IMA Digital shapes its vision of Smart Machines and the Smart Factory declining the Industry 4.0 principles according to a unique visionary approach and will deliver additional value with empowered machines and services created to supply predictive and personalized customer experiences across the entire value chain.


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