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Beverage and Confectionery

Matthew Carson

Territory: All Regions
Tea&Herbs Sales Manager
Tel: (978) 227-1329 • Mobile: (267) 716-1990

Dennis Winberry

Territory: All Regions
Coffee Sales Manager
Tel: (978) 227-1323 • Mobile: (404) 992-1200

Sales Inquiries
Territory: All Regions

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Gilberto Alvarez Jr.

Territory: Florida & Puerto Rico
Sales Manager
Tel: (787) 382-2466

Stefano Baccinelli

Territory: Northeast U.S.
Sales Manager
Tel: 978-227-1322 • Mobile: 267-716-0442

Dan Doret

Territory: Southwest US & Eastern Canada
Sales Manager
Tel: (978) 227-1162 • Mobile: (978) 314-4535

Shawn Gallagher

Territory: West Coast U.S. & Canada
Sales Manager
Tel: 978-227-1320 • Mobile: 267-716-0518

Troy Williams

Territory: Central U.S.
Sales Manager
Tel: 978-227-1345 • Mobile: 513-608-4733


Sales Inquiries

Territory: All Regions