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IMA plays an important role in the support and development of educational institutions. The relationships between companies and education are often complex and articulated, but it represents a land full of opportunities and important challenges that requires a great commitment in terms of renovatio

Secondary Technical Institutes

We actively participate in the Educational Technical Committees of the secondary technical schools and also in the supply of material for their laboratories. In addition, every year we welcome over 100 trainees to ensure a smooth transition for the students from the world of education to the world of work.

We promote the IMA Group through the scheduling of company visits, technical lectures and support from HR in the structuring of the CV and in the analysis of the the correct way to handle a job interview.

IMA Group is constantly committed to investing in Research and Development and enabling personalised professional development paths: from design to production, from working onsite to travelling for business.

IMA supports the teaching and training activities of the Salesian Institute of Bologna in many different ways. The collaboration starts in middle school with the much-apprecia- ted orientation sessions, offered to families to help them in the difficult process of choosing the right high school for their children. 

Throughout the school programme, IMA provides assistance both in technical terms (ensuring that the teaching methods used for technical subjects and lab activities are constantly updated) and in terms of competences (making students acquire the cross-sector skills required to enter the job market). Students attending the last two years of technical/vocational training schools can do their internship at IMA, for a total number of hours that ranges from 300 to 500 for each student.

Just before the secondary education final exam, IMA organises group meetings held at the company premises and one-on-one interviews to provide effective careers guidance to students and help them make their choice after they will have obtained their diploma.

Father Giovanni Sala
Beata Vergine di S. Luca – Salesian Institute

I think IMA is a company that is able to combine a great technological innovation capacity and a special attention to workers’ rights and corporate social responsibility. If I were to describe the company using just two words, I would surely say Innovation and Responsibility.

I believe that the time spent at IMA represents an interesting experience for my students, both from the point of view of what they learn during the internship itself – as it is a cutting-edge company in the field of Research & Development, which means that students will greatly improve their technical knowledge and skills – and as regards their professional growth after they start work at the company in one of the different positions made available in different areas of production and even at an international level.

A particularly meaningful initiative promoted thanks to the long-standing collaboration between our Institute and IMA Group has been the establishment of the Technical and Scientific Committee (which includes different companies, universities and employment agencies). The purpose is to involve students in laboratory projects based on IMA machinery and to design training activities that will be implemented by the teachers of technical subjects with the support of IMA technicians.

Prof. Sergio Pagani
Ettore Majorana – Upper Secondary School Prof. Sergio Pagani


The presence of the Group within the university faculties, mainly of an engineering nature, is structured through the participation in the steering committee. The objective is the drafting and definition of study plans of the new degree courses born in response to the working needs of the territory. Lectures and workshops held by IMA technicians are also carried out.

The partnership is further enriched through company visits, workshops and the welcoming of a high number of thesis postgraduate interns.

A talk with Prof. Palli

Professor Palli, teaching at the Faculty of Automation Engineering, describes IMA as an “open-minded” company that keeps in step with the times.

IMA clearly adopts state-of-the-art design and development processes, at least in the fields I deal with. This makes it easier for students to put into practice what they have learnt at University as well as to make their own contribution in terms of innovation.


Over the last few years, my collaboration with the Group has been focused on Virtual Commissioning, within the IMA Digital project. Thanks to the work of several thesis students, a number of projects have been developed that have demonstrated the advantages of Virtual Commissioning when it comes to presenting the product to customers as well as – and most importantly – to verifying and accelerating the project implementation. As the company itself has pointed out, this activity has brought about significant changes in the way new projects are developed in-house.

Prof. Palli

Automation Engineering

A talk with Prof. Zucchelli

Innovative and Sound are the two adjectives that best describe IMA“, says Professor Zucchelli, who teaches at the Faculties of Automation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

IMA staff are experienced professionals who are able to foster professional growth and the unfolding of one’s own talents. On the technical and technological fronts, IMA is not afraid to take on crucial engineering challenges and thus achieve tangible results.

The collaboration with IMA Group has developed since 2009, both in the context of research projects entrusted by the company to the University of Bologna and through the design of innovative training activities intended for the students of the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Engineering.

One of the most important research activities has focused on the implementation of design methodologies that enable the integration of the most modern manufacturing technologies into a harmonious digital flow. In addition to the implementation of integrated design methodologies, this research has resulted in their application to redesign multifunctional components with better performance to be used in automatic machines.

As regards training activities for students, over the years the collaboration with the Group has developed into a unique and innovative training method. Students who enrol on my course are organised into mixed groups combining Mechanical Engineering students and Automation Engineering students. These groups then have to work on comprehensive mechatronics projects proposed by local companies and will do so with the support of their teacher and of the technicians of said companies.

The goal is to develop the ability to organise their work in an independent and rational way, putting into practice the methodological rigour acquired during their university studies, addressing technical problems and communicating the results obtained in a clear way. This training culminates with a workshop on the construction of Automatic Machines during which each group presents the results it has achieved.

IMA Group has always played a very active role within this training programme by proposing challenging technical issues to be solved and having its best technicians always ready to give their constructive feedback on the solutions presented by the groups of students.”

Prof. Zucchelli
Automation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

A talk with Prof. De Angelis

I strongly advise my students to carry out their thesis project or their internship at IMA. It is a sound and multifaceted company, where process engineers’ technical skills are particularly appreciated and enhanced, as they allow the integration of all the technical aspects – from those related to chemistry, physics and biology in the laboratory to those concerning industrial mechanical engineering, automation and production.

I have been collaborating with IMA Group for about 7 years, in particular on Internships and Thesis Projects. The collaborations in the Food and the Pharma divisions have

also led to a study published on a specialised journal. Most of the students and interns who spent some time at IMA were then hired by the company and all of them showed a very high satisfaction rate. I also collaborate with IMA on targeted placement initiatives, industry-related seminars and company visits organised for students of specific courses. I like to think that this is only the beginning of our collaboration, as I can envisage many other opportunities lying ahead. IMA has always been a reliable and helpful partner.”

Prof. De Angelis
Chemical Engineering

A talk with Prof. Celaschi Flaviano

IMA is a very well-structured, complex and global system of people and machinery which best represents what the word Entrepreneurship means today. With headquarters a stone’s throw from Bologna, it is the best place you can choose for a full-immersion internship programme, surrounded by professionals who will really contribute to your growth. Since 2013 we have organised design workshops, collaborations on thesis projects and undergraduate and postgraduate internships at IMA. IMA’s people have always

been tuned in to our needs and very well-organised. IMA’s managers have taken on the challenge to act as teachers for our students. It has been a very positive experience. Daily work at IMA is a tough training ground, and yet the cleverest students will benefit from this experience very quickly if they show respect, interest, willpower and ambition. It is surely the best place a student can choose for their internship.

Prof. Celaschi Flaviano
Industrial Design Engineering

A talk with Prof. Faldella

For decades, IMA has undoubtedly been at the forefront of technical and technological development in the international business scenario. Carrying out their thesis project at IMA is a great chance for students who are eager to address project design issues in line with current trends and application needs. Working in teams has been particularly advantageous to our students, who have always been guided and supported by senior designers with proven experience and competence.

Our collaboration with IMA has been implemented both in the field of training – through seminars and degree thesis projects – and in that of research, with a special focus on the applications of automatic machine control systems. The results achieved have been remarkable, especially regarding the design and implementation of a ‘machine-independent & platform-independent’ software architecture that will be widely reusable through a simple parameter setting procedure, rather than an ad hoc code generation.”

Prof. Faldella

Computer Engineering and Automation Engineering

A talk with Prof. Bellavista

I am glad to know and have the chance to collaborate with IMA Group. It is a great company with an excellent R&D division and a worldwide leader in its market sectors. Our collaboration covers many different domains, ranging from training (joint seminars) and thesis projects to cooperative research on areas such as Industrial IoT and low-latency

edge cloud computing. Students undertaking a thesis project and/or an apprenticeship at IMA are attracted by its global renown as well as its investments in R&D and the wide range of applications IMA machinery can have, always being a market leader.”

Prof. Bellavista
Computer Engineering

These activities allow, on one side, to get to know interesting to be included in the company, on the other side they offer young people a wide visibility in the world of work and precious guidance opportunities.

Our mission is to promote in our territory a qualified system of technical know-how, extremely powerful amplifier and a solid glue for the development of the entire Packaging Valley.

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