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Master I’.M.A. Potential

We are constantly committed to the research and growth of the potential of our people from the very first day.

How do we do it?

At IMA, we are constantly committed to research and growth in potential of the employees from day one.

We offer a dedicated training to every new employee and this specific master program is called I’.M.A. Potential. Because for us, every IMA employee has potential.  


What does I’.M.A. Potential mean?

I’.M.A. Potential means allowing the new employees to make the difference within the IMA Group, from the very first moment they join the Company. The path includes a training project aimed at not only expanding knowledge in the workplace but also understanding and sharing the Company’s values.

We build with care tailored paths upon role and seniority, offering the employees a huge variety of classroom courses combined with mentoring programs and/or shadowing and training periods in offices or departments other than their own.

Master’s Departments

Employees’ distribution by role

Why do we do this?

Because attending I’.M.A. Potential Master facilitates the inclusion of new employees within the Company and allow them to acquire that wealth of experience that will accompany him/her for the whole working life. Internal mobility, in fact, allows new employees to get in touch with the business reality right from the start, thus building a strong sense of belonging to the Group.

Every Employee, every Team and every Career are important to us and the potential developed through the Master can really make the difference.

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