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Tissue World Europe 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany • Stand F10
  • Tissue World Europe 2023

IMA Group at Tissue World Europe 2023

From March 28th to 30th, the IMA Group is reaching Düsseldorf in occasion of Tissue World Europe 2023: join us on show!

Let our experts introduce you WRAP250: the fastest tissue wrapper on the market, wrapping bathroom tissue rolls and household towel rolls in single- and double-layer formats with thermo-sealable materials PE or PPE.

Complete the packaging line with NEST: our zero-pressure gripping head handles gently your products through the end-of-line.

The latest solutions developed by IMA TMC for the Tissue & Nonwoven industry will be unveiled by our experts on our stand F10, be sure not to miss this occasion.

Come meet us in Düsseldorf. 


  • Tissue & Nonwoven
  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Stand F10
  • 28/03/2023 to 30/03/2023

WRAP250 - Tissue wrapper

WRAP250 is the answer to the need of a high-speed single to multi-roll wrapper for tissue products.

This machine overcomes up to 25% the market average maximum capacity of packs per minute, requiring only a single packaging line to produce up to 1000 rolls per minute, avoiding production limitation for rewinders. The Smart Overhead trolley allows continuous motion transfer during folding, while the Push-Pull technology leaves only one finger set between two packs.
The Never-Stop Technology, embedded in WRAP250, checks the correct rolls configuration immediately before the elevator, identifying any rolls that are:

  • out of shape (tail)
  • out of position (tipped)
  • incorrectly launched (missing or extra count) inside the flying bar
WRAP250 - Tissue wrapper

NEST - Gripping head for palletizing systems

IMA TMC packaging lines can be completed with fully customizable end of line solutions.

When handling tissue products, it is essential to rely on technologies that allow products palletizing without damages. Traditional compression and suction technologies are ideal when handling products of a certain stiffness, but may not be suitable for handling very delicate or soft products such as bundles of paper rolls. In this sense, IMA TMC has developed the new NEST: a patented layer gripping head solution that uses unidirectional chains, lifting products from below.

NEST technology innovates the traditional pliers: in addition to having all the peculiarities of a bottom-gripping plier, thanks to which the product is supported and not crushed, stressed or deformed by contact, NEST has the advantage of having the same overall dimensions both in withdrawal and in storage. This makes it possible to have up to 50% less space than a parallel opening gripper and to be able to create multi-line and multi-product palletizing solutions in smaller spaces.

NEST - Gripping head for palletizing systems

Messe Düsseldorf,
Stockumer Kirchstraße 61, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany

IMA ZERO is the foundation of our sustainable development program.

It includes all practices already in place, plus those we are currently implementing, and has the ultimate goal of minimizing environmental impact in industrial manufacturing, and promoting and creating a working and living habitat that always puts people at the centre.

Economic results and social benefits are complementary objectives through which we have always generated value for our company, customersemployeessuppliers and for the entire community.

We know that, to proceed on our growth path, it is necessary to redirect our mentality towards newer and greater goals. At this point in history, we must do it not only for our business, but mostly for the environment and for the society we live and operate in: IMA ZERO definitely represents and embodies the Group’s will and dedication to change and give a positive and eco-friendly impact.

Starting from innovationIMA ZERO is our very latest promise to create products, production processes and services, benefitting from a renewed logic of sustainability and from the awareness that our commitment today will help to shape the world of tomorrow.