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IBA 2023

Munich, Germany - Stand B1.310
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IMA Group at IBA 2023

From October 22nd to 26th the IMA Group is gathering in Munich in occasion of IBA 2023: the world’s leading trade fair for the bakery industry

At stand B1.310, IMA will focus on the food sector through one of its best-established clusters known as IMA FLX HUB, whose expertise in flexible packaging solutions covers the current and future needs of the bakery sector.

A wide range of technologies on show will be available for our visitors: 

  • Vegatronic 2600 with Vision 3000: Complete bagging line for bread rolls with vision system and vertical form-fill-seal equipment
  • Delta 3000: Flow wrapping solution with long-dwell sealing using new sustainable materials
  • PANDA BS RS with FLOWPOCKET: Horizontal form-fill-seal machine combined with an automatic loading system processing buns

No line would be turnkey without the necessary technologies to complete the packaging process. The IMA END OF LINE hub and its experts are available to show the technologies developed to preserve the contents and containers while providing packaging solutions of all types: from display boxes to wrap around cases, trays with internal or external lids, RSC cases.

Be sure to visit IMA at IBA 2023. Stand B1.310 in Münich, Germany, from October 22 – 26, 2023.


  • Food & Dairy
  • Munich, Germany
  • Stand B1.310
  • 22/10/2023 to 26/10/2023

Fairground Munich
Am Messesee 2, 81829
München, Germany

Take a look at the machines displayed on our stand B1.310

Already a familiar name supplying turnkey processing and packaging solutions to several industries, IMA focuses on the food sector through one of its best-established clusters known as IMA Flexible Packaging hub, whose expertise in flexible packaging solutions covers the current and future needs of the bakery sector.


However, being a well-known player is far from the objective IMA has set itself in order to keep pace with a market that evolves rapidly from one year to the next. In fact, IMA FLX is investing substantial resources into cutting-edge technologies and new machines that will attract the forward-looking manufacturers, those who intend being the key players in this industry over the next decade and more.

Today, IMA FLX is made up of different brands whose integrated experience and variety of solutions have given rise to the most comprehensive flexible packaging hub serving the bakery sector. Driven by IMA Group’s company culture that pioneers sustainability in every aspect of business or technology, IMA FLX represents a one-stop supplier that is best-placed to support bakery manufacturers looking to deal with tomorrow’s trends as leaders in their own market. IMA FLX is developing numerous technical solutions to handle a wide range of eco-friendly materials that pose different processing challenges, but are likely to become the preferred packaging films in the near future.

Vegatronic 2600 with Vision 3000 -
Counting by vision and vertical bagging

Vision 3000 is a vision system using laser technology and will be running in line with an intermittent vertical form-fill-seal machine, the Vegatronic 2600.
Together, as a fully integrated solution for bakeries, these machines will be displayed as a complete bagging line for bread rolls.
By means of a combination of laser and line scan cameras, Vision 3000 guarantees accurate checking and counting operations to verify product height, length, width and surface. Feeding products at high speed, Vision 3000 is so flexible it will handle fresh, par-baked, frozen and raw dough products, whether baguettes, pretzels, rolls, bagels, donuts or croissants.

Vegatronic 2600 with Vision 3000 -<br>Counting by vision and vertical bagging

Delta 3000 -
M.A.P. flow wrapping

Delta 3000 is one of the market’s best-known flow wrapping machines offering M.A.P, hermetic sealing and hygienic design.
A key feature available on Delta 3000 will be demonstrated at IBA and regards long-dwell sealing technology to ensure hermetic seals for products processed in a modified atmosphere. In view of a growing trend towards sustainable packaging materials, typically hard to handle, containing high proportions of paper or recyclable mono-material, plastic based on PE or PP, at the show, the Delta 3000 will demonstrate its long-dwell sealing capabilities which cover several new materials and enable companies to be well prepared for the future.

Delta 3000 -<br>M.A.P. flow wrapping

Loading system and flow wrapping

Synchronising the stages of a production line improves efficiency and this is one of the key benefits seen when using FLOWPOCKET by IMA Record to automatically load buns onto the BS RS (Bottom Seal / Rotating Seal) version of the PANDA flow wrapping machine.
Perfect for a broad range of regular, small and medium-sized products, PANDA BS RS reaches an output of up to 300 ppm. At IBA 2023, the line will be equipped to seal mono-material plastic PE film as well as compostable barrier material. Sealing packets of buns with a rotating jaw, PANDA is fed using the extremely flexible FLOWPOCKET. Featuring 3 pocket trains, FLOWPOCKET channels the buns into independent pockets, so that the process can be synched more precisely along the line. In the exhibited solution, groups of 2 buns are assembled, one pair above the other. A perfect alternative to pick&place systems, FLOWPOCKET is easy to set up, quick to implement changeover and synchronised to perfection.

PANDA BS RS with FLOWPOCKET-<br>Loading system and flow wrapping

At IBA 2023, ask all about our IMA ZERO Corporate Project!

IMA ZERO is the foundation of our sustainable development program.

It includes all practices already in place, plus those we are currently implementing, and has the ultimate goal of minimizing environmental impact in industrial manufacturing, and promoting and creating a working and living habitat that always puts people at the centre.

Economic results and social benefits are complementary objectives through which we have always generated value for our company, customersemployeessuppliers and for the entire community.

We know that, to proceed on our growth path, it is necessary to redirect our mentality towards newer and greater goals. At this point in history, we must do it not only for our business, but mostly for the environment and for the society we live and operate in: IMA ZERO definitely represents and embodies the Group’s will and dedication to change and give a positive and eco-friendly impact.

Starting from innovationIMA ZERO is our very latest promise to create products, production processes and services, benefitting from a renewed logic of sustainability and from the awareness that our commitment today will help to shape the world of tomorrow.