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Aseptic Processing and Freeze Drying Solutions by IMA Life

Preserving the integrity of the pharmaceutical product, ensuring the maximum level of sterility and protecting both the operator and the environment by means of highly specialized aseptic containment process systems.


Fill-finish machine for Ready-To-Use syringes, vials and cartridges

INJECTA is the latest solution at the forefront of processing Ready-To-Use syringes, vials and cartridges. INJECTA’s ground-breaking and unique innovation is performing 100% in-line quality control. Advanced robotic driven manipulations and state-of-the-art innovative design make INJECTA a real step towards perfection.

Aseptic powder filling and stoppering machine

Xtrema PWD is the cutting-edge solution in powder microdosing at high speed. The machine is conceived to process simultaneously up to three different types of powder in the same vial with extreme precision, while preserving safety and handling requirements.

A 100% direct net weight control, with automatic adjustment of dosing chambers, guarantees high production quality. The design criteria and the machine geometry facilitate a unidirectional airflow and simplify the equipment installation inside conventional sterile rooms or integration with any type of RABS or isolators.

New smart miniature mass spectrometer

QUANTUM is a non-invasive technique capable of performing quantitative real-time process relevant measurements.

A multipurpose device designed for use in pharma freeze dryers, it detects contaminants and process gases at concentrations down to ppm levels. Not only does this allow for silicone oil detection and for non-aqueous solvent detection, but QUANTUM can also be used as a system leak detection tool and as a process analytical tool for scale-up and development studies.

Come and discover QUANTUM at the Lab4Life corner.

Compact carton labeler

The SENSITIVE AP400 Compact is IMA LIFE’s latest development in the field of carton labelling. Its reduced overall length of 1,400 mm allows effective and valuable integration in extremely challenging packaging lines, where space availability and high speed requirements are the foremost prerequisites to cope with.

The SENSITIVE AP400 C fits up to three labelling heads for the application of a wide range of self-adhesive labels on the top or bottom of cartons and tamper-evident seals on the carton flaps. Thanks to the significant flexibility of this modular unit, the most advanced overprinting and vision systems for Track & Trace compliance and serialisation accountability can be fully integrated.

Sensitive AP400 T
Compact carton labeler

The new SENSITIVE AP400 T, carton labeler and T&T unit, is the smallest new release in the array of AP400 labellers. It will be on show in a complete packaging line with DYNAMICA continuous motion cartoner and CPH2 case-packer.

The machine displayed applies the tamper-evident sealing on one carton flap, while printing Data Matrix code with a printer on the other flap of the carton, previously glued. A camera vision system for data reading and checking enables the Tracking & Tracing of all the labelled cartons, ensuring transparency in manufacturing and safeguarding product authenticity.

Lab4Life Corner

The Lab4life team includes a number of industry experts who provide assistance to our customers worldwide with product development, scale up and qualification. To enhance this offering, IMA Life has built a development laboratory at the Tonawanda, NY manufacturing facility.

The team is also dedicated to discovering new innovative processes and technologies and is ready to share new developments with you at the IMA booth.

IMA Digital: make it real.
Smart Machines. Smart Services. Smart Organization.

Come and see the IMA Digital Hub Data Services for machine data visualization and analysis as well as machine monitoring tools. Innovative AR solutions for size change over operations and immersive VR systems for operator’s and maintenance training will enhance Operational Excellence to ensure continuous growth of productivity.

IMA Digital shapes its vision of Smart Machines and the Smart Factory declining the Industry 4.0 principles according to a unique visionary approach.

IMA Digital will deliver additional value with empowered machines and services created to supply predictive and personalized customer experiences across the entire value chain.

Based on the common principles of Industry 4.0, IMA Digital will offer Pharma the opportunity not only to fix agility and productivity issues, but also to provide quality operations with better instruments to enforce product safety and supply chain security.

IMA’s vision of an intelligent factory is a place where the main production elements (tools, devices and machines) are connected in order to obtain a smoother production management, allowing higher flexibility and reconfiguration.


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