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PAT (Process Analytical Technology) and QbD (Quality by Design) in the solid dosage manufacturing: NIR integration from an engineering perspective

Post published on 27/04/2018

Symposium PAT and QbD in the solid dosage manufacturing: NIR integration from an engineering perspective Bologna, October 23-24, 2018

IMA Active  and VIAVI Solutions have the pleasure of inviting you to the symposium “PAT and QbD in the solid dosage manufacturing: NIR integration from an engineering perspective”.
The event will be held at IMA factory, in Bologna (Italy), on October 23-24, 2018, and is intended to share experience between expert and practitioners.


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Martin Gadsby

(Founder at Optimal)

Martin graduated in engineering with an honours degree from the University of Bath in the late 1970’s, when still we wrote with quill pens and electricity was a new novelty. After working through a classical graduate engineering apprenticeship and a few positions in industry, he became the R&D European Group Leader for Kraft Foods in relation to new process automation and processing techniques. After a few years at Kraft, Martin decided to set up a process automation business called Optimal (synTQ).


Nicola Gandolfi

(Technical manager for granulation and coating  at IMA Active)

Nicola Gandolfi received a M.Sc. in mechanical engireering in 1996; afterward, he worked at IMA as a mechanical designer. Currently, he is responsible for the technical area for granulation and coating of pharmaceutical products, within the Active unit of IMA S.p.A.

Federica Giatti

(Compression Technologist at Process Development R&D Laboratory at IMA Active)

Federica Giatti has been graduated cum laude in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Tecnology at University of Bologna in 2016 with a thesis focused on coating machine.
After a period at solid-DPI production department in pharmaceutical factory, she becomes compression technologist at Process Development R&D Laboratory at IMA Active.

Emiliano Genorini

(Account Manager at VIAVI solutions)

Emiliano Genorini has a degree in chemistry with specialization in analytical chemistry of environmental pollutants. He has worked for a number of top brand instrumentation companies and has more than 20 years’ experience in NIR spectroscopy, acquiring extensive experience in pharma and food markets. Since 2003 he has been working as contract professor of chemometry at the University of Milano and Pavia.

Cristina Malegori

(Post doctoral Scientist at University of Genova – DIFAR Department of Pharmacy)

Cristina Malegori currently holds a post-doc fellowship at the University of Genova. Her research activity is focused on NIR spectroscopy coupled with multivariate data analysis, with the goal of extracting useful information from fingerprint data. With her background in food science and technology, she mainly applies NIR spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging and portable devices.


Dora Melucci

(Professor of Chemometrics at University of Bologna)

Dora Melucci has a Degree in Chemistry, a specialization in Chemical Methodologies for Control and Analysis and a Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences. Since 1999, she is Researcher in Analytical Chemistry. Since 2005, she teaches Chemometrics at the University of Bologna. She works on application of Chemometrics to the development analytical methodologies. Focus is on direct and non-altering methods of analysis, possibly with portable instruments suitable for in situ analysis. FIELDS: Food, Environment, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Forensic Chemistry. ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES: AAS, NIR, Voltammetry, Raman, GC, LC-MS, FT-IR, XRD.

Giusi Mondelli

(Senior Technologist for Granulation and Mixing Equipment at IMA Active)

Giusi Mondelli is a Senior Technologist for Granulation and Mixing Equipment.
She got her degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Bologna in 2006 and has been definitely employed at IMA Active Division Process Laboratory in 2008.
Present area of interest are OSD process development, customers process support and training.

Remo Simonetti

(Quality and Operation Consultant S4BT)

Remo has a degree in CTF and a PhD in pharmaceutical and food science in the research team at chemometry and analytical department at University of Genova. During his PhD he worked with different analytical technologies and he carry out multivariate analysis. Since 2016 he has been working for S4BT for NIR and multivariate implementation on continuous manufacturing process.

Brad Swarbrick

(Owner of Quality by Design Consultancy)

Brad has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Chemistry and has a post-graduate degree in Chemometrics and is currently doing his Ph.D in Biospectroscopy and Advanced Chemometrics at the University of Sydney’s Vibrational Spectroscopy Core Facility. Brad Swarbrick is the owner of Quality by Design Consultancy, an Australian company that is supporting industrial, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications of Chemometrics, PAT and QbD. Until recently, Brad was the Chief Operating Officer of CAMO Software, a world leading provider of the Chemometrics software package Brad worked in the pioneering Pfizer Process Analytical Technology (PAT) group.

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