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IMA Active premier sponsor of Techceuticals Solid Dose Training Programs.

Post published on 20/03/2018

Solid Dose Training Programs @ Techceuticals

IMA Active is a premier sponsor of Techceuticals Solid Dose Training Programs. IMA fitted out the Techceuticals facility with its tablet press machine Prexima 300. Powered by the knowledge of the sector, designed with unique Italian style, built to deliver top-level performance, Prexima is the ideal solution to drive your productivity to a higher level of efficiency.

Since 1989 Techceuticals provides training, troubleshooting and equipment to the Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplements industries.

Solid Dose Training Programs

  • The Manufacturing Process and Troubleshooting – April 3/4/5, 2018:

This program is a two and a half day comprehensive course covering the essential needed to make quality tablets and capsules. Hands-on breakout session provide the participants greater understanding of formulation, processing and manufacturing techniques, common terminology, equipment and problem solving.

  • Tablet Pro II – May 15/16/17, 2018:

This two and a half day seminar is focusing on tablet processing. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the processes that impact tablet production, including a hands-on session on how to set up, operate, and clean a tablet press.

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