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Supplying the right spare parts at the right time, with the fastest possible delivery.

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Keep your equipment in good health with preset maintenance activities.

Value and Benefits

  • Maintenance plan already prepared by IMA Life through analysis of the equipment history.
  • Parts and consumables to be used by customer can be pre-ordered and replaced by customer personnel.
  • Parts for immediate action can be kept in stock to avoid long downtimes, minimal specific maintenance tooling.
  • IMA Life can offer a wide range of customised Preventive Maintenance Agreements based on OEM maintenance plans.
  • In-house routine maintenance can be easily planned.
  • IMA Life engineer intervention can be planned in due time, avoiding the risk of unavailability.

Product service description

An easy-to-read maintenance plan in xls, detailing:

  • List of parts involved (indicating the group they belong to).
  • List of activities to be carried out.
  • Details of the technical skills of IMA Life and customer personnel.
  • Details of the frequency of operations.

Note: generic spare parts lists, related to similar equipment, may be used for preliminary (budgetary) quotes.

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