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Our customers’ partners in developing new products, overhauling and line relocation.

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Identification of obsolete parts and proposal of proper replacement/upgrade.

Value and Benefits

  • Obsolescence status monitored by the supplier.
  • Notification of obsolescence in due time.
  • Equipment always aligned to the new design standards.
  • Maintain and increase the efficiency level of the equipment.
  • Stock management and/or upgrade.
  • Reduced risk of machine downtime.
  • Help in budget optimization and cost saving.

Product service description

IMA Life will:

  • Keep in contact with the suppliers to receive notifications of the obsolete parts.
  • Inform the customer in due time of the obsolescence status of the parts.
  • Propose either a replacement or an upgrade.
  • Update the technical documentation.

Technical support in equipment overhaul.

Product service description

  • Analysis of the machine conditions.
  • Evaluation of the activities to perform.
  • Supply of the necessary spare parts and upgrades.
  • Installation on site.

Supply of technological improvements to keep the equipment up to date.

Product service description

  • Technical analysis of the machine status.
  • Design, customisation and application of the technological upgrade.
  • Installation and testing on site.

Accompanying our customers in the launch of new products.

Product service description

  • Technical analysis of machine status.
  • In-house product testing.
  • Design, customisation and application of the necessary parts change and equipment upgrades.
  • Installation and commissioning on site.

Accompanying the customer in the displacement and relocation of all equipment to another production plant.

Product service description

  • Evaluation of current machine status and new parts/upgrades for installation in the new production facility.
  • Line disassembling.
  • Re-installation of the equipment in the new plant.
  • Testing and commissioning on site.

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