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Technical and logistic support to achieve global equipment efficiency.

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  • Line Audit
  • Validation and Support Services

Identify key losses and related areas of improvement to increase overall line management and efficiency.

Value and Benefits

  • General overview of line performance.
  • Focus on key issues impacting global efficiency and reliability.
  • Real efficiency monitoring.
  • Line Audit Report with IMA Life recommendations for improvements to: methods, equipment, people, and materials.
  • Full IMA Life support for implementing the recommendations.

Product service description

IMA Life Line Audit experts will:

  • Track the line global efficiency factors (availability, operations, performance, troubleshooting and quality).
  • Pick the top losses affecting the overall line efficiency.
  • Propose an action plan to fix issues in the short term.
  • Technical and operational aspects will be classified in different clusters: a detailed report will be duly prepared, outlining the recommended actions to be taken.

Supporting operators/maintenance personnel during machine start-up, Mediafill and the early stages of production.

Value and Benefits

  • An eye on you: a technical expert always available during the critical phase of production start up to give you a high level of confidence.
  • At the ready: a technical expert already on site in case of emergency in order to immediately set the line up.
  • Side-by-side: basic practical support directly on the line.
  • Proactive support: a technical expert will report the line status to IMA Life to provide guidelines and suggestions aimed at improving line performance.
  • Getting better: a technical expert will report the customer’s staff skill status to IMA Life in order to provide suggestions and proposals to improve technical operational and maintenance abilities.
  • Save time: reducing loss of time during your first approach to line conduction.
  • Save money: the presence of our engineers at your premises in case of need will limit production downtimes.

Product service description

IMA Life Assistance to the Production Start-Up experts will:

  • Support operators/maintenance personnel during machine start-up and early stages of production.
  • Support operators/maintenance personnel during the Mediafill.
  • Supervise size changeover.
  • Provide basic instructions for routine maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Provide basic instructions for using the standard documentation provided (spare parts catalogue, instruction manual, electrical diagrams).
  • Verify the correct application of customer SOPs.
  • Provide basic instructions for the transmission of commercial and/or technical notifications and communications to the related contacts at IMA Life.

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