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The event takes place from 02/04/2019 to 04/04/2019

IMA Group at Interphex 2019

Pharmaceutical Industry is facing big challenges and technology changes such as continuous manufacturing, integrated supply chain in terms of traceability and serialization, interconnection and data exchange between machines and human beings.

On show at Interphex NYa selected range of machines and integrated solutions for both Solid Dose and Aseptic Processing, ready to enhance your production efficiency and increase your competitiveness.

IMA Active

PREXIMA 300 Tablet press

Powered by IMA Active’s knowledge of the sector, designed with unique Italian style, built to deliver top-level performance, PREXIMA drives productivity to a higher level of efficiency. PREXIMA ensures optimal performance even with the most difficult-to-manage powders, keeping the tablet uniform in terms of weight and hardness.

SENSUM High quality assurance by state-of-the-art inspection

Sensum is specialized in the development and production of automatic visual inspection systems for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Sensum provides high and mid capacity solutions for 100% quality inspection of tablets, capsules, transparent capsules and soft gels and in-line PAT solution for real-time visual monitoring of pharmaceutical processes. Sensum SPINE automatically inspects the entire surface of tablets, capsules and soft gels at the speed of up to 630.000 products/hour.


Come and meet IMA’s experts to discover our latest innovations and solutions:

  • Containment Hub: Potent OSD global supply

With hundreds of installations for dispensing, blending, granulation, tableting, capsule filling, coating, washing, tablet counting, blistering up to 5 OEB products, both for production and R&D applications, IMA Active has a wide and constant knowledge of processing highly potent products and can propose tailor made and proven containment solutions.

  • Continuous hub: CROMA. Ready for the next step.

Welcome to the future, the new wo​rld where production goes by the name of integration. Where a single system manages transformation from powder to tablet. This is the new pharmaceutical production frontier, where Prexima and Croma are one. CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals offers a breakthrough Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM) technology for small molecule pharmaceuticals, where the synthesis of the active ingredient and the final dosage form are integrated into a seamless process.

IMA Life

INJECTA Fill-finish machine for Ready-To-Use syringes, vials and cartridges

INJECTA is the latest solution at the forefront of processing Ready-To-Use syringes, vials and cartridges. A groundbreaking and unique innovation performing 100% in-line quality control. Advanced robotic driven manipulations and state-of-the-art innovative design makes INJECTA a real step towards perfection.


Our highly skilled team of professionals, with extensive experience gained in the field of parenteral development and facility operation, technical support, and R&D is always at your disposal.

LAB4LIFE Development Lyo Laboratory is located at IMA Life North America (NY) manufacturing facility.

On show in the Booth Lab:


Raising productivity and reducing downtime is now possible in a continuous aseptic process, with constant monitoring from fermentation to final packaging.

IMA Life LYnfinity spray-freeze-drying has been conceived to minimize risks and increase controls compared to the traditional FD process.

The current technology focuses on bringing to the market a robust yet gentle continuous aseptic process for spray-freeze-drying with an eye toward achieving high throughput and high cycle efficiency.


Do not miss the chance to attend IMA LIFE’s presentation on “Continuous Aseptic Manufacturing using Spray Freeze Drying: Equipment Process and Product Considerations” introduced by Arnab Ganguly, Technology Manager at IMA LIFE North America.

When:April 2 at 1:15 pm – 2 pm

Where:Javits Conventions Center, Booth 1577, Exhibit Hall


New smart miniature mass spectrometer

QUANTUM is a non-invasive technique capable of performing quantitative real-time process relevant measurements.

A multipurpose device designed for use in pharma freeze dryers, it detects contaminants and process gases at concentrations down to ppm levels. Not only does this allow for silicone oil detection and for non-aqueous solvent detection, but QUANTUM can also be used as a system leak detection tool and as a process analytical tool for scale-up and development studies.

IMA Safe

The show continues on our jumbo screens!

IMA C80HS SERIES, Blister packaging machine with integrated cartoner

If your production needs: high productivity, maximum efficiency, state of the art technology, and a rapid return on investments, the C80HS Series is for you. The line’s innovative design, in terms of both structure and functional detail, has been developed with your requirements in mind.

IMA Digital

A special area will be dedicated to IMA Digital, which summarizes all the projects that represent IMA’s commitment to the evolution towards the Smart Factory and Smart Products. IMA’s leadership in terms of innovation and technology imposes a highly competitive position, also in the challenges of Industry 4.0.

Last but not least:
IPS 2019 Aseptic Technologies Tour
When: Wednesday, April 3 at 10 am and 1 pm
Where: Glass Room, Lobby Mezzanine
IMA is sponsoring this important initiative: do not miss the chance to take part of it!


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