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#GLOVELESS - Accomplished

Step 1

True gloveless is the ultimate challenge that we are addressing to realise our vision of aseptic processing. It is more about ensuring 100% automation / 0% human intervention than simply removing gloves. Our target is to bring INJECTA as close as possible to the gloveless concept through a step-by-step evolution of technologies, involving our R&D departments and influencing key market players to adopt solutions that will ultimately enable truly gloveless aseptic processing.

So far, we’ve taken the true gloveless concept a step closer to reality, implementing fully automated assembly of the stopper feeding unit and of the filling group. This has been achieved by designing the groups and necessary components so that their assembly is fully managed by robots after entering the initial processing area of INJECTA as autoclaved parts inside a stainless steel canister.

Thanks to our pioneering use of robotic technologies, this step of the process has been made truly gloveless.

#GLOVELESS – In the pipeline

Step 2

Moving towards true gloveless processing depends on our ability to exploit existing technologies and conceive new gloveless strategies, but also on the evolution of complementary technologies and their acceptance by regulatory bodies.

Viable particle monitoring systems depend today on growth-based solutions using settle plates located inside the processing equipment. We have developed gloveless methods of placing the settle plates in INJECTA’s filling and stoppering section, using automatic gripper changeover.

This first step has been accomplished, yet we feel that the ultimate step towards true gloveless processing will entail the use of continuous, real-time viable particle monitoring using Laser Induced Fluorescence technology. Currently there are two issues we face: the physical size of the spectrometer device and the ability of LIF technology to discriminate between varying microorganisms. Working together with the device manufacturers, we envisage a solution will be found to reduce device dimensions so that it can be fitted into INJECTA’s base-plate.  Further progress is needed to obtain acceptance of LIF technology by the regulatory bodies.

#GLOVELESS – Evolution

Step 3

In the future accomplishing true gloveless processing will depend on our ability to exploit existing technologies and drive innovation towards the ultimate evolution of aseptic processing in an environment in which human intervention is absent. However, achieving such evolution will also hinge on the willingness of other market players to adopt cutting-edge solutions and adapt them to come in line with our vision.

Today, we still count on human intervention to pick up and assemble single-use needles. However, the future has been captured in a solution we designed in-house to make this step an automatic, gloveless operation managed by robots. Designing our own single-use needles kit, we have been able to envisage the answer we expect from the next evolution.

Nonetheless we depend on the manufacturers of single-use kits to join us as we strive to make true gloveless processing a reality for tomorrow’s pharmaceutical industry.


Step 4

What INJECTA offers today for pharmaceutical companies seeking maximum versatility in aseptic processing goes beyond the current standards. This is our aim and our challenge, to push back the barriers even further to provide the market with a solution offering both agility and compliance, through advanced robotics to achieve true gloveless processing.

Join the challenge, share the vision and get ready for the next move.


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