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MOVE 3 – Modularity

INJECTA places your needs in pole position when it comes to adapting to your ideal layout and production requirements. Modularity is an inherent part of the machine’s concept, allowing for countless solutions that will fit into your production line layout. All modules can be assembled in various configurations, so that INJECTA models itself to your context.

MOVE 2 – Scalability

To respond to a fast-growing market trend towards targeted medicine - meaning biologics, orphan drugs and precise medicine – with the same process platform and fitted with the exact number of filling pumps and performing the same operations, INJECTA easily scales up and down to match multiple requirements.

MOVE 1 – Flexibility

INJECTA drives multi-product fill-finish operations into a new realm of flexibility. With its ability to handle so many different product types and formats, and the speed with which processing can switch from one specification to another, INJECTA is the queen of superior versatility.