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IMA Active @ Colorcon Formulation School® on multiparticulates • San Paulo (Brazil) 30-31 October, 2019

Post published on 21/10/2019

IMA Active @ Colorcon Formulation School® on multiparticulates

IMA Active is pleased to take part in the Colorcon Formulation School® on multiparticulates, which will be held in San Paulo (Brazil), 30-31 October, 2019. 

Colorcon Formulation School® brings together leading experts from industry, academia and Colorcon Technical Centers to provide valuable information on the theory and practical approach to core formulation. This is a two-day forum; one day of practical application and one day of presentations, including invited external speakers for specific topics.

The Formulation School focus includes: Fundamentals, Matrices, Multiparticulates and Osmotics.

Fundamentals: excipient selection, different manufacturing techniques, troubleshooting, and other topics such as regulatory, API characterization, scale-up considerations and new technologies.

Matrices: best practices to formulate matrices, the importance of QbD, gastro-retentive systems, processing options and the influence of tablet shape and film coating on matrices.

Multiparticulates: different types of MPs, drug loading best practices, principles of extrusion spheronization, mini-tablet formulation guidelines and equipment review and more.

Osmotics: formulation technology overview, best practices in granulation, tableting, film coating, and laser drilling, as well as hands-on laboratory demonstrations for each unit operation.

Angelo Airoldi, IMA Active Product Manager for Capsule Fillers, will held the presentation “Encapsulation technologies for pellets and microtablets”.

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