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C1060-C1075: high efficiency in compact size

Compact, smart, effective. Top class performance in small footprint. The new Comadis C1060-C1075 Series surpasses the perfection.

Post published on 17/01/2018

C1060-C1075 tubefillers: latest evolution of an extraordinary success

It was not easy to decide how to evolve our succesfull C960-C970 Series, sold worldwide in hundreds of units. In fact, that series has been appreciated for combining reliability, ergonomy and ease of use, in all application fields.

That recipe for success surely had to remain unvaried: high efficiency in compact size. Thus we worked on targeted upgrades while retaining  the innate design flexibility: the new C1060-C1075 Series comes with experience enough to maintain its deserved fame.

These are the key points introduced by C1060-C1075:

  • 10 working stations (instead of 9)
  • new turntable adjustment, with hidden thread
  • redesigned tube loader, with easy-to-adjust turret
  • dedicated tube cleaning station, in vertical position
  • independent cam drives for smoother performance
  • magnetic safety interlocks on safety guards
  • batch data collection – by pen drive – via USB port

The new C1060-C1075 Series, more complete and well-balanced, has already achieved excellent sales results, thanks to its unique mix of practicality and performance.

Feel free to contact us for any further clarification concerning the features of this very “transversal” model, suitable to meet any expectations of pharma, cosmetic, foodstuff and chemical industry.

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