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IMA Active and IMA Automation Medtech solutions for DPIs

IMA provides solutions ranging from processing and packaging of dry powders to the design, assembly and performance enhancement of inhalers.

IMA Active machines for DPIs


Minima is a table-top capsule filler designed to dose DPIs or solid products for oral administration in hard capsules. Extremely precise, Minima can work with all capsule sizes and any dosage, as it can be equipped with all dosing devices found on standard production machines.


The Adapta capsule filling machines cover medium and very high-speed production requirements and feature exceptional design flexibility. Fitted with the 100% direct fill weight control, Adapta ensures maximum dosing precision and reliability even at high speed.


The Practica capsule filling machine covers medium and high-speed production requirements and performs micro-dosing with maximum accuracy. Highly reliable thanks to its engineered simplicity, Practica ensures extremely easy operation and low maintenance.


Zanasi machines are designed to satisfy low and medium-speed production requirements. Able to run with a minimum quantity of product, they are a
cost-effective solution for DPI processing. Easy to manage, maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

IMA Automation Medtech machines for DPIs


Pilot Med is dedicated to flexible, low to medium production volumes. It can be fitted with automatic or semi-automatic stations. Versatile, modular and compact, this platform is perfect to start the production of your DPIs.


Available as a rotary or linear platform, High Volume Med covers high-speed production. Robust and compact design available in a multiple configuration to fit your requirements using proven components. It allows your DPIs to be produced in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective way.