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IMA Active's new tablet press machine installed in Germany.

Bmp: «Prexima fits all our needs»

«There is nothing we cannot find a solutions for». Much more than a declaration of intent, this is the biggest strength of bmp production gmbh, innovative contract manufacturer and R&D-service provider for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and medical devices. «Our customers and their products are our first priority and our goal is to contribute to the success of their business», says Ingo Küster, CEO of bmp production gmbh. A customer-oriented approach that has proven to be successful in the past 23 years. Compliance with the most restrictive standards and yet a distinctive flexibility characterize bmp production gmbh and their range of services: micronization, mixing and production of tablets, capsules, granules packaged in sticks, blisters, jars and bottles. A seven million Euro turnover is generated by small, medium and large batches produced under international DIN ISO 13485 and cGMP as well as German AMG regulations. Service after release of the finished products from the laboratory is taken just as seriously in Parchim, Germany. Whether handling, forwarding, commissioning or storage under controlled conditions is concerned: «We are committing ourselves to fulfil contracts under strict quality standards and to generate added value for the benefits of our clients», continues Ingo Küster. «State of the art facilities and modern machinery, combined with well trained and highly motivated staff are the foundations which our enterprise is built on», explains Mr. Küster, who is responsible for
67 employees. In this context, the installation of Prexima 300, IMA Active’s new tablet press machine, took place at the beginning of this year.


What was bmp’s main reason for choosing Prexima?

We had an old tablet press machine, which did not match our requirements any longer. Prexima is an innovative solution, which also proves to ensure optimal performance even with the most difficult-to-handle powder substances. Prexima’s compact design and its reasonable price add to this convincing package. Our quick decision was followed by a quick delivery time. Three months after the purchase order we were ready for the SAT (Site Acceptance Test). Other manufacturers offer 6-7 months delivery.
These were the main reasons for choosing Prexima. 


How does Prexima meet your requirements?

Prexima lifts our production to a higher level of efficiency, also with tablets of big dimensions. The overall tablet quality is always assured: Prexima keeps the tablets uniform in terms of weight and hardness. In addition, Prexima simplifies maintenance. Limited surface contact with the product reduces cleaning time and prevents contamination. The XIMA interface helps the operator with running manual procedures, step by step. The result is a machine that maximizes the operator’s comfort.
In short, Prexima offers the perfect balance between ideal production conditions and easy maintenance.


How was the collaboration with IMA?

We do have a privileged contact within IMA, who always supports us with good advice. This time even more than usual. IMA product managers communicated excellently with our technicians. IMA designers worked side by side with us to define the project’s specifications. We faced only a single problem on the machine. A qualified IMA technician provided prompt and excellent support within 24 hours after our call. The market offers only few manufacturers capable of meeting such high standards in after-sales technical assistance. IMA is definitely one of them.


Any future projects?

We have been successful in expanding our production of pharmaceuticals by increasing business with existing customers and by acquiring new customers and production contracts. To support this trend, we plan to extend our range of machineries in the coming years. After the new Prexima, the next step will be the installation of a case packer machine. In a couple of years, we will install two new capsule filling machines. We are focusing on the acquisition of medium to large production contracts for solid dosage forms.

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