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Mr. Elie Tabbal, Project Manager at Algorithm, recounts the startup of the new Lebanon facility, which will begin its operations in late 2018.

Algorithm: «Why we choose IMA».


«Our ultimate aim is the wellbeing of people». Much more than a declaration of intent, this is Algorithm’s commitment day by day. After all, the Company has built its reputation around a few core values – trust and respect, ethics and integrity, responsibility and accountability, quality and excellence. These same values guide the Company to shape its future. Based in Lebanon since 1961, the history of Algorithm is marked by a continuous improvement based on acquisitions and product launches. Indeed, Algorithm has built throughout the years strong partnerships with international pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Through its own products and its partnership with Biologix FZCo, today Algorithm is actively present in Middle East and North Africa.
Its portfolio consists of innovative products as well as differentiated generics, focusing mainly on the following therapeutic areas: cardio-metabolic, neurology, infectiology, rheumatology, gynecology and urology. The pharmaceutical activities carried on the new site of Algorithm will cover the manufacturing and packaging of non-sterile oral and topical dosage forms: liquids, tablets, capsules, suppositories, granules for suspensions, creams and ointments. All the production lines in the new facility in Zekrit are made by IMA.
In fact, the oral solid dosage lines are equipped with IMA Active’s state-of-the-art granulation suite, coating equipment, blending and washing systems. «IMA equipment simply fits all our needs», comments Mr. Tabbal.


Which is the meaning of the new facility for Algorithm?

We are expanding our technical capabilities by building a new production facility in Zekrit, fifteen minutes’ drive from our existing plant. The new facility is based on three pillars: quality, technology and production. We are committed to fulfill the increasing demands in the Middle East and North Africa markets for the next ten years. Our new facility will provide an added value for our patients by continuing on delivering quality products in compliance with the international standards.


What was your Company’s main reason for choosing IMA?

We had a positive experience with IMA in our existing facility: IMA equipment has proven its worth. The availability of a full-line to serve the pharma industry from processing to packaging combined with the reasonable price of the equipment were the main reasons for choosing IMA.


Which three main criteria do you appreciate the most in IMA equipment?

IMA equipment succeed in balancing sophisticated in-process control systems and the business needs. Our new facility will incorporate these systems to ensure consistent product quality.
In addition, simplicity and refinement in the design are the hallmarks of IMA equipment.
Finally, after-sales technical assistance provided by IMA has been crucial in our selection.


How was the collaboration with IMA?

The collaboration with IMA was fluent, efficient and rapid at all stages of the project. Every time, we have appreciated IMA’s positive attitude: both the technical team and the management showed great willingness to collaborate with us.


Which are your Company’s projects for the future?

The new facility in Zekrit, being an up-to-date ecofriendly plant, focuses on providing an efficient working layout which will secure the highest quality medicines for the patients while improving employees’ morale and wellbeing, thus increasing our market share and enhancing our presence in the region.

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