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ACHEMA 2018, what a show!

IMA Pharma recorded more than 1600 registered visitors coming from every part of the world, making Achema 2018 a great trade show experience.

Post published on 03/07/2018

ACHEMA 2018, what a show!

The fil rouge of this Achema edition was the new IMA Pharma Corporate Image, which identifies IMA’s position in market as well as its ability to anticipate the future and customers’ needs.  

Under the sign of “Evolving Pharma. By your side”, IMA presented at Achema 2018 its perspective of how the Industry 4.0 is meant to be: a complete portfolio featuring the launch of new machines, new technical solutions to specific production issues, pilot projects for Industry 4.0, unique approaches to manufacturing processes and turn-key applications.

The booth was organized to grant visitors a comprehensive overview of what IMA really represents in the Pharmaceutical Processing and Packaging markets:

The SOLID DOSE area presented Croma, the latest development in continuous coating. Different levels of containment solutions were on show with our Adapta capsule filler and with Prexima tablet press series; the product handling for high potent solid drugs was completed by Spine, our partner Sensum’s automatic visual inspection and sorting machine.

The ASEPTIC PROCESSING & FREEZE DRYING area presented Injecta, the latest development for filling & stoppering syringes, vials and cartridges and Xtrema PWD for powder microdosing. Our showcase could also boast Quantum, a non–invasive technique capable of performing quantitative real-time process relevant measurements during the freeze-drying process.

The PACKAGING area was the heart of our company’s cross-divisional synergies. Our Giant blister-packing machine equipped with a containment application was the response to the increasing demand for packaging high potent solid products. The Venus washer, for washing components and parts, completed our range. On show also Uniline, the all-in-one complete bottle counting system and the C102V, a deep draw forming and sealing machine for packing ampoules, syringes, vials and bottles. The packaging line composed of a Dynamica cartoner, a Sensitive AP400 labeller and a CPH2 horizontal case-packer, included features against package adulteration and track & trace. Another version of Sensitive AP400 3T labeller stand-alone equipped with printing and vision devices was also on show. 

For the first time an area completely dedicated to AUTOMATION, showing advanced assembly solutions for medical devices, such as inhalers, injection systems, diagnostic devices, infusion products and ophthalmic products.  On show the new Evo Flex Rotary, an ultra-flexible rotary platform with a servo-controlled pick and place mechanism and the iQ Flex, an intelligent platform based on pallet transfer technology, which offered a new modular approach for automation, meeting the need for manufacturing speed and flexibility.

Last but not least, one of the most outstanding project was the “IMA Digital Hub” Data Services for machine data visualization and analysis as well as machine monitoring tools, shaping our vision of Smart Machines and Smart Factory.

Thanks for experiencing the Smart Factory with us!

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