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From May 15th to May 17th, 2018 • Leominster, MA (USA). Enter the world of processing and packaging and discover the future of your business. Solutions for Pharma, Dairy & Food, Coffee, Confectionery and Personal Care market sectors.

Flexibility, customised solutions and a range of equipment covering all aspects of packaging

In a market as demanding and quality-oriented as the personal care sector, IMA with its vast experience and technical expertise spanning over five decades can offer the most effective solutions and cater to the widest possible needs.

Flexibility, customised solutions and a range of equipment covering all aspects of packaging, together with a highly professional worldwide service network, are the ingredients which will help our customers gain a competitive advantage. So when you are ready to create your next product, or focus on strategic improvements to existing items, we can intervene at any stage of the packaging process, from start to finish, with a solution which brings your objectives closer than you can imagine.

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Machines on show

Continuous motion cartoner

FLEXA, multipurpose cartoning machine is one of the most compact machines in its range with an ergonomic design that assures ease of loading of packaging materials.

FLEXA, besides being very flexible in terms of carton configurations and dimensions, is also extremely versatile in packing the widest range of products thanks to IMA Safe feeding systems both for Pharma and Extra Pharma fields.

FLEXA series is available in either intermittent or continuous motion.

New tube filling machine series

Born to repeat the success of the extraordinary C960-C970 series, the new C1060-C1075 family comes to the market with experience enough to maintain its supremacy in the medium speed tube filling segment.

The approach to development of this model was based on throughout fine-tuning, introducing substantial upgrades while retaining its innate design flexibility to deal with several applications.

Thus the new C1060-C1075 series still remains the “quintessence” of reliability, ergonomy and ease of use: this recipe for success remains unvaried, as well as the concept of “top class performance in compact size”.

Top-loading case packer combined to pallettizer for medium and high speeds

It has been conceived to assure maximum flexibility in handling different types of product such as loose bottles (with topserts, sideserts, unusually shaped bottles), cartons and bundles.

Perfect when space is limited at the end of a bottle line, but also when smooth handling is a must, even for difficult or unusual shapes. This servo-driven, top loading case-packer and palletizer features innovative solutions with maximum attention to ergonomics and easy and quick changeover.

New machines available on videowall jumbo screens

Vertical cartoner

An ideal complement to high-speed filling equipment or buffering systems granting excellent line efficiency, the compact FTC578-C vertical cartoner is designed to enable huge machine configuration flexibility and later implementation of a liner system.

Capable of receiving products with or without pucks and handling up to 300 ppm, the FTC578-C is designed for modularity configuration as well as high-speed operation.

Thanks to its fully accessible design, implementation of additional feeding systems, printers and quality control units is simple. Main functions are servomotor-driven and allow for very short changeover times by means of PC panel recipes.

Vertical cartoner

Designed to pack the widest range of products, VERTICARE, allows for an extremely gentle handling of all components of the package through the entire packaging process. The 360° accessibility of the machine simplifies the cleaning and format changeover.

VERTICARE is able to package products such as Cream Jars, Perfumes, Vials and Lotion bottles having irregular shapes as well. This modular machine can integrate multiple feeders for liners, booklets and any other accessory.

Product can be handled with or without pucks. The robotized product infeed system with double heads, grippers or vacuum, is able to adjust product orientation inside the carton.

Discover IMA DIGITAL: a project for PROCESSING and PACKAGING 4.0

IMA DIGITAL is the company’s new comprehensive project to tackle the digitization challenge that is transforming the manufacturing world. Businesses face unprecedented disruption.

Meet IMA Digital @Open House

IMA DIGITAL is the company’s new comprehensive project to tackle the digitization challenge that is transforming the manufacturing world. Businesses face unprecedented disruption.

IMA’s leadership in terms of innovation and technology imposes a highly competitive position also in the challenges of Industry 4.0.

By giving additional value to the packaging industry with empowered machines and services created to deliver predictive and personalized customer’s experiences across all over the value chain.

You will ride through a technological tour in the streamline of digital innovation where technology serves our processes and our products.


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