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Maintenance Services

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Integrated Maintenance Agreement

Planned preventive maintenance is one of the major contributing factors in reaching optimal Overall Equipment Effectiveness. IMA’s intention is to work in partnership with customers on this objective by enabling them to take advantage of IMA know-how and maintenance activity skills.

Through the IMA Integrated Maintenance Agreement customer machine performance can be improved, achieving maximum production results.

The Integrated Maintenance Agreement provides a regular on time maintenance intervention planned according to customer needs and using IMA original spare parts. Field service assistance is undertaken by skilled specialists including maintenance documentation management and dedicated on demand customer site training.

The IMA Integrated Maintenance Agreement reduces unnecessary down time, improves operator safety and helps to increase the machine life expectancy, maintaining it in perfect working condition throughout its working life – all factors in helping to increase production and reduce costs.

RSA – Remote Service Assistance

IMA Remote Service Assistance enables our customers to connect to us and obtain technical support both via modem and via tele-video conference directly with the facility where the machine is located. This service can be used in case of machine breakdown or when operating instructions are needed.

IMA Remote Service Assistance guarantees efficient communication, fast response and cost savings.
With a secure connection via an on demand  router placed on the customer’s machine IMA engineers are able to work, from the IMA Headquarters, directly on the machines installed at  the customer’s facility. Each intervention is agreed in advance and data transfer is 100% safe.

We guarantee a fast response time for emergency call-outs; we provide immediate troubleshooting and assistance through a short and effective intervention, with minimum downtime.

MY IMA Spare Parts

MyIMA Spare Parts is an e-service offered by IMA providing immediate replies to spare parts enquires and stock availability via the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It allows an easy navigation of the on-line spare parts catalogue and a simple identification of the section of a machine where a component is fitted. Once the requested spare part is identified, the user can check its stock availability and price, ask for an quotation or place the order.

This intuitive and user friendly system provides information in real time, ensuring transparency and reliability.

With MyIMA Spare Parts the customer can also have an overview of his IMA machine portfolio, as well as his actual spares order account from anywhere in the world.

OEE Consulting

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a very important  objective in the pharmaceutical industry.

Processing and packaging lines are accurately designed to ensure a maximum level of efficiency and a reduction in machine downtime.
IMA’s emphasis in not only on technical solutions but also investing in the training of its customers – as this also contributes to an increase in levels of productivity.

IMA manages a team of specialists who, through careful analysis of production data, can identify critical issues in production thus promoting an increase in the quality levels of machines.

Process Optimization

Optimization of the production process should be carried out with the aim of containing costs, increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, reducing product losses, improving both machine production speed and the quality of its final output, reducing planned downtimes and virtually zeroing any unplanned downtime.

All this is possible, thanks to IMA’s support and huge experience of the complete production flow processes.

“Opportunities to update are available by attending the seminars and scientific workshops on specific topics which are given periodically.”

Working closely with the oldest University in the world, located in Bologna, we have the advantage of their support with, among other things, analytical testing, research and technical consultancy.

The process assistance given by IMA includes troubleshooting by means of various types of technology:

  • Feasibility tests and evaluation of new formulations on pilot equipment and possible subsequent scale up
  • Check of process repeatability and equipment optimization related to existing specific processes
  • Process re-evaluation, new process investigation and optimization
  • Preparation of characterization batches

Support to customers for PAT application.

Spare Parts Service

Spare parts availability is critical in keeping the machine in perfect working condition. The installation of components that do not conform to the original design, in terms of material and/or mechanical features, may seriously compromise the operation and reliability of the product and the safety of the operators a risk that can be greatly reduced by using original spare parts.

The service of supplying original IMA spare parts fits completely with IMA’s first-class maintenance service concept of taking care of the equipment as well as the customer’s investment completely.
A highly qualified team of experts operate a systematic quality control of original components and units provided by IMA, ensuring 100% reliability.

A secure stock management based on lead time optimization ensures a prompt availability of spare parts, in order to satisfy even the most unexpected demands. Improved availability of parts for call-outs and unplanned repairs means less travel time for our technicians and less downtime for customer’s equipment.

Our aftersales specialists put their vast experience at the customer’s disposal, identifying part codes, preparing spare parts quotations and managing orders.

The Spares Department has a very efficient delivery network, thanks to our Subsidiaries and Agencies, we are able to carry out deliveries of Spare Parts in the shortest time possible (12-24 hours in Europe, 36-48 hours outside Europe).

Modernization Programs

Modernization is a job for specialists: combining experience from designing and building new machines and incorporating the most advanced technological solutions available, IMA can also offer refurbish and retrofit programs, tailored to customer needs and efficiency requirements.

IMA’s engineering team, with experts in mechanics, electronics and software, is capable of interpreting the requests of those customers already using IMA machines.

High levels of productivity and efficiency are guaranteed thanks to state of the art technology and huge investments in new machinery can be avoided.

IMA can provide a wide range of services, from an inspection and assessment of the machine to be overhauled, design changes, the re-design and new design of machine subassembly groups, modernization of mechanical sub-assemblies, accessory units and machine components, the application of state of the art powerful electronic system devices to a final training on the overhauled and modernized equipment.


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