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IMA Teknoweb solutions for high-alcohol processing machinery.

Market demands have confirmed lately the increased request for disinfecting wipes for surface cleaning.
Despite these are produced either with or without IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), consumers are more and more demanding for wipes with high alcohol content. This trend comes from the common experiences that alcohol is the most effective component to effectively disinfect a surface.

IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) is the most used disinfectant for the manufacturing of wet wipes, but it brings into operations many challenges related to its toxicity and high flammability. To cope with this issue, IMA Teknoweb introduced some new features on its machines in order to mitigate the risks related to IPA handling.

When producing alcohol-soaked wipes with rates higher than 10-12%, there are some recommendations to follow, such as avoiding potentially explosive atmospheres, retaining the concentration of flammable liquids and avoiding ignition sources becoming effective. ATEX regulation translates these recommendations into actions and standards.

IMA Teknoweb’s explosion-proof converting line fully adhere to ATEX standards thanks to the development of a special equipment on its machines, which includes:

  • An appropriate amount of ventilation in the cabinet to remove vapor
  • A proper enclosure of the machine, safeguarding the operator
  • A machine design able to reduce ignition causes, keeping mechanical parts at a low temperature and avoiding dangerous sparks

Designing and manufacturing converting machines to process IPA is not simple and the supplier must be selected carefully. IMA Teknoweb can offer several explosion-proof converting lines with different production capabilities, answering every manufacturer’s need to produce safely alcohol-soaked disinfecting wipes.

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FUTURA is a wet wipe folder extremely versatile, a reference for the whole market. It is totally configurable, matching any customer operation need for significant production volumes at reduced costs.
Fast and precise.
EXIGE is a versatile production platform for cross-fold wipes; equipped with an accurate vacuum-less folding, EXIGE performs at high efficacy and low scrap in order to reduce TCO on any type of substrate.
Fully automatic.
Fully performing.
GENESIS is a wet wipe converting line extremely reliable and effective, suitable for start-ups in the field, limited budget projects or for small lots productions but still demanding a high-quality finished product.
The wipe converter for your needs.