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From the depths of our experience, knowledge of water and understanding of your needs,
comes the most extensive range of industrial washing solutions.

Easy to use, access and install.

AQUARIA is IMA Active’s all-in-one solution to wash components and machine parts of different sizes and volumes in completely automatic mode. The combination of IMA Active’s technological expertise and knowledge of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry has resulted in a new automatic washer for machine components, maximising the washing chamber volume while minimising the size of the machine.

Inborn efficiency.

ATLANTIS is a GMP washing machine designed to wash and dry, in a completely automatic mode, containers, IBCs and other components used within the pharmaceutical industry. Designed for through-the-wall installation, ATLANTIS can be supplied in the high-efficiency configuration, increasing machine throughput up to 3 IBCs/hour.

Shaping washing to your needs.

VENUS is IMA Active’s all-in-one solution to wash components and parts of different sizes and volumes in a completely automatic mode. Available in two models (900 and 1200), VENUS works with a water recirculation system at low pressure and high flow rate.

Efficiency made compact.

HYDROWASH can be used as a stand-alone washing skid or as a feeding group for WIP/CIP systems to serve an IBC washing station or to clean high-shear mixer granulators, fluid bed processors, tablet presses, capsule fillers and coating pans. Different devices are available for washing cycle optimisation.

Washers: stories and technologies

A selection of exciting case histories made with our trusted partners, to recount the successful performance of our washing technologies and the added value of the partnership with IMA Active.

Bayer chose the ATLANTIS washing station for machinery components for its plant running full capacity in Argentina. Their 3 machines ensure consistently excellent results and need very little maintenance or spares.

Drops of Efficiency
Washing Webinars

Cleaning procedures have become more and more important in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, especially in cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities.

Today IMA Active shares its solid knowledge of the cleaning dynamics for enhancing optimal performance minimising water consumption.

Get in contact with our experts to discover more about the IMA Active washing solutions.