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RDD Europe 2019 • Lisbon (PT), 07-10 May 2019

Post published on 29/04/2019

IMA Active and IMA Automation Medtech at the RDD Europe 2019

IMA Active and IMA Automation Medtech are pleased to take part in the RDD Europe 2019 on Respiratory Drug Delivery, which will be held in Lisbon (PT), on May 07-10, 2019.

RDD Europe 2019, part of the Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD®) conference series, is the best international conference of its kind, featuring in-depth presentations and discussions on pioneering respiratory drug delivery science. RDD 2019 includes conferences on the developing issues surrounding aerosol drug delivery including new therapeutic opportunities and drug design technologies.

The meeting format will include:

  • Scientific Poster Sessions covering all aspects of regulatory science, formulation development, new research methods and advanced drug delivery technologies.
  • Technology Exhibition in which excipient, device and equipment designers present their latest developments in a tabletop format.
  • Workshop Sessions, selected by delegates, featuring practical and interactive demonstrations of innovative technologies, products and services.

IMA Active and IMA Automation Medtech will take part in the Workshop Session with an interactive demonstration on “Manufacturing DPIs: an engineering perspective”, that will be held on May 08, 2019.

When developing new pharmaceutical products in DPI form, industrial manufacturing aspects must be considered from the very beginning to shorten the scale-up and optimization of the final manufacturing process, as well as to achieve a more efficient and cost effective production. Precise micro-dosing, weight control, containment measures and ease of device assembly are all issues that must be faced at an early stage.

IMA draws on its extensive expertise to provide the most advanced solutions for DPI product processing and assembly. Direct weight control performed in-line on each single capsule or device, both before and after filling. Absence of mechanical powder compression for improved airway intake. Accurate micro-dosing and automatic feedback and adjustment. Highly flexible and precise inhaler assembly in accordance with design for manufacturing (DFM) and proof of principle studies at an early stage.

The workshop provides attendees with an opportunity to see the technical solutions available and to understand how to address the various challenges linked to DPI manufacturing and delivery via discussions with our experienced IMA Product Managers. The Minima table-top capsule filler will be demonstrated: we will show how this system can be used for efficient inhalation product optimization, as it mimics the same process and dosing parameters of high volume production machines. IMAs’ comprehensive knowledge of engineered solutions for medical devices will be presented as well as the benefits available from effective DFM studies.

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