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Isotech Lab- In-house Isolator Research Laboratory

H2O2 cycle optimization, isolation technology mock-ups and tests are even more a challenge when supplying fast track turn-key projects.

This is why IMA LIFE installed a brand new pharmaceutically compliant research lab hosting a filling & stoppering machine under isolator, to specifically carry out tests and ultimately demo runs. Pharmaceutically compliant production surroundings of class GMP D (class ISO 8 according to EN ISO 14644) are guaranteed by overpressure.

To assure a clean room quality during operation, the lab can be accessed only via a personal and material airlock.

A microbiologist works aside our engineers to improve the isolator HVAC systems as well as to determine even shorter and well suited H2O2 cycle times for our equipment. Cooperation agreements have also been settled with scientists and experts on the field to support the pragmatic and industrial approach.

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