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Open RABS, Closed RABS and Isolators. Isotech Lab, Isolation Technology and Engineered HVAC. Get an insight of the latest IMA technological breakthrough.

Open RABS, Closed RABS and Isolators: Focus on Energy Savings

RABS means Reduced Access Barrier System, it is a rigid protection made of transparent walls (polycarbonate or glass), equipped with an adequate number of glove flanges and gloves. It is installed on top of the filling and/or capping machines, separating them from the surrounding area.
Gloves must be positioned in order to allow the operator to perform all operations inside the machine, such as cleaning, caps/stoppers loading, vials removal, etc. so that these can be performed by operators without opening the protection walls.

Closed- RABS

IsoTech Lab • In-House Isolator Research & Development Laboratory

Our in-house Isolator Research & Development Laboratory, the IsoTech Lab, is made up of the Microbiological Laboratory and Isolator Pilot Room hosting an MTI, an infeed Rotary Table, a Filling & Stoppering machine and CLU (compact loading system) under isolator to carry out tests.

A sterility assurance team works alongside our engineers to improve the isolation systems and determine even shorter and more appropriate VPHP decontamination cycle technology applied to our equipment. We have ongoing cooperation agreements with scientists and experts in the field to support a pragmatic, industrial approach.

Our first key objective is to perform internal research and:

  • improve VPHP cycle efficiency, optimising standard methods and testing new technologies
  • check the performance of utilities and equipment circuits
  • compare VPHP generators with other decontamination methods
  • verify material compatibility and resistance to decontamination agents

Our second key objective is to set up and conduct activities in conjunction with our customers:

  • to check VPHP decontamination cycle times with defined isolator loads
  • to perform preliminary customer training sessions for isolator management

The IsoTech Lab is where our unique, integrated solutions are designed, tested and developed for aseptic processing lines and freeze-drying applications.

Isolation Technology and Engineered HVAC

A filling line for aseptic products in isolation technology offers a wide number of advantages with respect to a similar line installed in a conventional clean-room or with an open RABS.

We can summarize these benefits in the following topics:

  • increased product safety (that results in an increased product quality)
  • higher operator protection (in case of toxic product)
  • production area in class C or D, instead of class A or B
  • possibility to frequently perform cleaning and sterilization cycles

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