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Pharma Products Portfolio

IMA is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of automatic machinery used in the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals products. Thanks to its high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, IMA can satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the different reference markets.

In fact, the constant research, together with the development of innovative solutions, are the hallmarks of a highly competitive group in the global pharmaceutical market. 

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Aseptic Processing
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Highly compact, side-loading case packer for individual or bundled cartons, The CP18 is one of the industry’s most space-efficient solutions for customers who need to limit the overall footprint of machinery at the end of the line.
Pack a case in less space.
CP18 + 4FLEX
CP18 + 4FLEX
The CP18 + 4FLEX integrated case packing and palletizing solution processes a wide range of cartons , either single or bundled, and cases. Compact and robust, the machine is equipped with an operating head which is customised for the product to be handled.
Packing and palletizing under full control.
CP18 + Miniflex
CP18 + Miniflex
The CP18 + Miniflex integrated case packing and palletising solution processes a wide range of cartons and cases. Including a host of ergonomic design features to facilitate operator intervention, the overall footprint is minimal to optimise available space.
Seamless integration, optimum ergonomics.
Particularly suited to packaging individual or bundled cartons into pre-glued RS cases, the CP28 automatic, side-loading case packer is compact, accessible and enables simple, tool-free size changeover.
Quality case packing made simple.
Specifically designed to handle loose or bundled cartons, the CP38 is a high-speed, side-loading case packer benefiting from operator-friendly cantilever design ensuring complete accessibility and easy cleaning.
High-speed case packing with unrivalled operator ergonomics.
The CP50 is a high-speed side loading case-packing machine specifically designed to handle small dimensioned cases at high speed, benefiting from operator-friendly cantilever design ensuring complete accessibility and easy cleaning.
High speed side loading case packing machine.
A medium-output, top-loading case packer for loose or bundled bottles, the CPV15 has been conceived to assure maximum ergonomics for operating staff and guarantee smooth handling even for unusually shaped bottles thanks to servo technology.
Loose tubes packed to perfection.
A modular top-loading case packer for loose or bundled bottles and cartons, the CPV20 has been designed to offer unrivalled flexibility. Processing at medium to high speeds, it can also incorporate special modules to add medication guides to each carton.
Unrivalled flexibility in a case packing machine.
Electronically driven, high-performance wraparound case packer, the WA30 benefits from astute ergonomic design features enabling user-friendly operation and optimum productivity, with a flat blanks magazine positioned to allow easy case loading.
Smart solutions for speed and simplicity.