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Multi-purpose Lyo Process Quantitation, Analysis & Control

Post published on 15/03/2018

Live webinar – QUANTUM: Multi-purpose Lyo Process Quantitation, Analysis & Control

9th April 2018, 4:30 pm (GMT+1)

Duration: 20 minutes


Arnab Ganguly, PH.D, Technology Manager at IMA Life North America and Alan Rhoden, PH.D, PAT Project Manager at Pfizer Inc.


Mass Spectrometry has commonly been used in the semi-conductor industry where maintaining a clean environment with minimum contaminants under high vacuum is crucial for successful manufacturing. Since the technology’s usage for pharmaceutical manufacturing in the early 1980’s, particularly in the freeze-drying environment, much has changed.

The focus of the current work is aimed at asking some key questions regarding the maturity of the technology, its challenges and importance of having an application-specific instrument for quantitative process analyses applied to freeze-drying. In addition, we cover broad application of the technology towards detection of and sensitivity for analytes including silicone oil, Helium and also explore the option of using MS in detecting water vapor and nitrogen concentration not just in primary drying, but also in secondary drying. Join us for this webinar to learn more.

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Arnab Ganguly

Alan Rhoden

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