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11th Annual Charles I. Jarowski Symposium in Industrial Pharmacy: Challenges in Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals • New York (NY), 6 May 2019

Post published on 30/04/2019

IMA Active and CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals at the 11th Annual Charles I. Jarowski Symposium in Industrial Pharmacy

IMA Active and CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals are pleased to take part in the 11th Annual Charles I. Jarowski Symposium in Industrial Pharmacy: Challenges in Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, which will be held in New York (NY), on May 6, 2019.

For last several decades, there has been little innovation in the way, pharmaceuticals are produced commercially i.e. by a multi-step batch process involving large scale equipment. In addition to being lengthy and cumbersome, the batch process also introduces several possible degradation and contamination stop points. To prevent against loss of time and raw material in this lengthy batch manufacturing process, regulatory agencies including the FDA have been pushing for developing processes capable of producing pharmaceuticals in a non-stop single facility from raw material to finalized dosage forms i.e. continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. This initiative is backed by years of research in both academia and pharmaceutical industry. Continuous Manufacturing will not only eliminate loss of material and products but will also be able to respond to variations in requirements due to ever changing market of pharmaceutical dosage form.

While many chemical and petrochemical industries have successfully transitioned to Continuous Manufacturing of products, the transition is still in its nascent stages. There is a significant strive to develop and implement continuous processes combining multiple pharmaceutical unit operations, and a noteworthy body of scientists and regulatory administrators is working to address the challenges associated with developing not only the processes for different dosage and API forms, but also the guidelines for approval of these products. The 11th Annual Jarowski Symposium on Industrial Pharmacy, focuses on a theme “Challenges in Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals”. In this symposium, key opinion leaders from industry, academia and the FDA are invited to discuss innovative tactics to maximize the potential and also to bridge the information gap among different segments of the pharmaceutical development process.

Target Audiences:

  • Early State Researchers – learn from the experts and network.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals – learn about the most recent development in regulatory landscape and academic innovations.
  • Academic Researchers – learn from senior scientists and colleagues from industry, and develop collaborations.
  • Clinical and Health Professionals – interested in translational research and innovations in regulatory landscape.
  • Everybody interested in novel innovations and networking.

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is a spin-out company from a multi-year collaboration between MIT and Novartis on Continuous Manufacturing, which is specialized in end-to-end Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), with the application of novel process technologies that enable rapid production of pharmaceuticals at significantly reduced costs and better quality. Dr. Bayan Takizawa, CBO at CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, will held the presentation “Changing the Paradigm: End-to-end Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals”.

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