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4thAPV Continuous Manufacturing Conference • 9-10 May 2023

The event takes place from 09/05/2023 to 10/05/2023

IMA Active at the 4th APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference

IMA Active is pleased to sponsor the 4th APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference, which will be held in Lisbon (PT), on May 9-10, 2023.

The symposium will bring together people working in formulation and process development, engineering, quality, commercial manufacturing, academia and authorities to discuss how the adoption of Continuous Manufacturing for both small molecules and biologic products can transform quality, cost and service for the benefit of the patient.

Dedicated presentations and case studies will give the opportunity to learn about:

  • Future of Continuous Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing experiences
  • Process control and MSPC
  • Novel Continuous Manufacturing approaches
  • ICH Q13
  • Innovation showcase Continuous Manufacturing applications and excipients

During the 4th session dedicated to commercially available Continuous Manufacturing applications, Lorenzo Menarini, R&D Process Engineer at IMA Active, will held the presentation “Evaluation of critical parameters by using batch and continuous mixing in direct compression”:

Pharmaceutical companies and supplier manufacturers are undergoing a transition from traditional batch-wise manufacturing to Continuous Manufacturing. The major driver is the well-known advantages given by this technology: high efficiency and quality, reduced costs and increased flexibility for scale production. By the way, the batch approach is still widely adopted for the majority of the direct compression process. The focus of this presentation is an evaluation of formulation influence and critical process parameters (CPPs) of the two different blending technology simulating a full-scale production from the pure powder excipients to the final tablets product.
The results give a deep experimental knowledge on each blending technology: different CPPs can be linked, to find out a smoother way in helping during conversion from batch to continuous manufacturing keeping the same quality level. Additionally, the investigation performed enhanced the optimization level of both the processes and allowed us to foresee the critical quality attributes (CQAs) in advance, knowing the process condition.


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Presentation: Evaluation of critical parameters when using batch and continuous mixing in direct compression

Wednesday, 10 May 2023 – Session 4

Speaker: Lorenzo Menarini, R&D Process Engineer at IMA Active


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