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CCP Summit 2022 on Commercializing Continuous Process in Pharma

22-25 March 2022

The event takes place from 22/03/2022 to 25/03/2022

IMA Active and Thomas Processing at the CCP Summit 2022 on Commercializing Continuous Processing in Pharma

IMA Active and Thomas Processing are pleased to take part in the 6th CCP Summit 2022 on Commercializing Continuous Processing in Pharma, which will be held in Boston (MA), on March 22-25, 2022.

The Commercializing Continuous Processing in Pharma Summit (CCP) is the only strategical Continuous Manufacturing meeting to unite both small and large molecule modalities, to pair technical case studies with the business-case-realities of technology innovation. 

Curated with industry leaders, this is the longest standing peer-led meeting encompassing all aspects in the integration of continuous processing in Pharma. After near-24 months apart, the community will unite to:

  • Showcase pilot plant to commercial scale real-world case studies, providing an industry benchmark for all stakeholders.
  • Give updates on the global regulatory landscape and the latest PAT technologies.
  • Explore how gene therapies, vaccines and non-traditional applications can increase their stake in the continuous industry.
  • 3 workshop sessions exploring the current state of play in Continuous Manufacturing.

During the exhibition you can visit IMA Active and Thomas Processing booth and meet the Continuous Manufacturing experts Guia Bertuzzi (IMA Active) and Jim Hahn (Thomas Processing) to discuss how to achieve the most appropriate configuration of a Continuous Manufacturing line, combining process, equipment design with risk analysis.

Discover more about our Continuous Manufacturing technologies through the poster “The potential of Croma continuous coater”:
The modern pharmaceutical industry is facing the challenge of transition from a traditional manufacturing approach based on batch-wise production to Continuous Manufacturing.
Croma continuous coater brings an innovative technological progress in manufacturing based on modularity and truly continuous film-coating of tablets. Croma enables faster cycle times with great process flexibility, optimized yield and throughput by enhancing sustainability.
Comparing with the traditional batch coating technology Croma provides an extremely efficient process, which allows also easy scale-up. Coating process becomes more efficient: coating time is reduced, as well as the exposure of the tablets to the coating environment, with a significant impact on reducing manufacturing cost.


Trip to CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals pilot line and main facility

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is a spin-out company from a multi-year collaboration between MIT And Novartis on continuous manufacturing, who specialize in end-to end integrated continuous manufacturing (ICM), with the application of novel process technologies that enable rapid production of pharmaceuticals at significantly reduced costs and better quality. Hosted by CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, attendees will be able to visit both their pilot line and main facility, to see first-hand the state-of the- art and fully integrated continuous manufacturing facility.

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