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Expect More • Solutions for Dry Powder Inhalers

IMA Active and IMA Automation Medtech join forces to promote the most advanced solutions for DPI processing and assembling.

Post published on 01/12/2017

Expect More • Solutions for Dry Powder Inhalers

In 1948 the first commercial dry powder inhalation device was launched on the market. This first technology seems archaic by today’s standards: a deep breath in would cause a ball to strike a cartridge containing powder and shake the powder into the airstream. Since then, changes in the drug delivery market and regulatory pressures have driven innovation of Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) forward. It is estimated by the WHO that, worldwide, some 300 million people suffer from asthma and 240 million people suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). DPIs represent 50% of the total asthma/COPD market by value worldwide.

Indeed, DPIs have shown great promise in their ability to deliver drug reliably and effectively and novel designs can ensure that future cost, compliance and safety challenges are overcome. Some of the performance characteristics essential to DPIs are related to dose delivery, fine particle fraction content and performances at varying airflows. These characteristics can vary from one powder formulation to another and some fine-tuning of either device or formulation or a combination of both may be necessary to achieve optimal performance. Micro-dosing DPIs takes this challenge to extremes.

IMA Active and IMA Automation Medtech have joined forces to provide the most advanced solutions for DPI processing. Direct weight control performed in line on each single capsule before and after filling. Absence of mechanical powder compression for improved airway intake. Accurate micro-dosing and automatic feedback and adjustment. Leading supplier for the pharmaceutical industry, IMA provides solutions ranging from processing and packaging of dry powders to the design, assembly and performance enhancement of inhalers.

Much more than filling. Fulfilling your requirements.

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