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DDL Drug Delivery to the Lungs conference 2018 • Edinburgh (UK), 12-14 December 2018

Post published on 23/11/2018

IMA Active and IMA Automation Medtech at the DDL Drug Delivery to the Lungs conference 2018

IMA Active and IMA Automation Medtech are pleased to take part in the DDL Drug Delivery to the Lungs conference 2018, which will be held in Edinburgh (UK), on December 12-14, 2018.

DDL provides an annual forum for scientists, academics, clinicians, regulatory and industry specialists involved in developing medicines for inhalation. DDL continues to grow year on year and now welcomes over 700 attendees and over 90 industry sponsors from all around the globe. 

DDL 2018 will have five themed sessions each with a combination of invited and submitted lectures given by experts in the field of inhalation and students working to advance respiratory science. The three-day conference consists of a program of lectures covering five session themes. Each year the DDL Committee invite a long serving respiratory health professional to deliver the commemorative DDL Lecture as a way of recognising their significant scientific accomplishments achieved in respiratory health.  Alongside the lecture program the conference presents an impressive industry exhibition with over 90 companies participating in the event.  The exhibition is accessible to both the well-known larger pharmaceutical organisations as well as the new smaller businesses looking to have access to this highly successful forum for networking and the exchange of knowledge.

IMA Active and IMA Automation Medtech will present a poster on Manufacturing DPIs: an engineering perspective(Poster n° 60).

When developing new pharmaceutical products in DPI form, industrial manufacturing aspects must be considered from the very beginning to shorten the scale-up and optimization of the final manufacturing process, as well as to achieve a more efficient and cost effective production. Precise micro-dosing, weight control, containment measures and ease of device assembly are all issues that must be faced at an early stage. IMA draws on its extensive expertise to provide the most advanced solutions for DPI processing and assembly. Direct weight control performed in line on each single capsule or device, both before and after filling. Absence of mechanical powder compression for improved airway intake.
Accurate micro-dosing and automatic feedback and adjustment. Highly flexible and precise inhaler assembly in accordance with design for manufacturing (DFM) and proof of principle studies at an early stage. This presentation investigates optimal process parameters for low-dose DPIs achieved by the dosator technology. The study proves that a major advantage of using this technology for processing DPIs is that the dosators can be accurately adjusted without any need to compress or aspirate the powder. Maintaining the free-flowing properties of the dispended powder within the capsule better ensures the release of powder from the capsule into the inhaler when the capsule is pierced, thereby better controlling both the emitted dose and the fine particle fraction of the dose discharged from the DPI.

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