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CROMA. The future continuous coating.

CROMA is one step ahead of times and needs. A different machine concept: more accessible, easy to manage and extremely modular. For truly continuous coating process.

CROMA is #continuous

CROMA is designed to work in a truly continuous mode. Product is flowing continuously throughout the modules, with no steps. The breakthrough of CROMA lies into the product movement.

Both the design of the drum and the position and shape of the mixing baffles provide motion to the minimum unit of product, thus keeping its flowing strictly under control. Start and stop procedures have been optimized to maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

CROMA is #modular

Modularity is the hallmark of the project. CROMA can be fitted with up to four coating modules, that can be connected either in series for higher weight gain or in parallel for higher throughput.

Each module can be adjusted to work with different process parameters and can perform different processes, if required. The result is the maximum flexibility in terms of machine configurations and process performances.

CROMA is #compact

CROMA is designed to maximize accessibility. The perforated drum of each module is fully accessible once the side panels are removed, thus allowing easy inspection and cleaning.

Its compact design takes inspiration from Rationalism, whose essential principle was the search for functionality by means of new construction techniques and new materials.

CROMA is #innovative

CROMA is fitted with highly innovative technologies for process monitoring and control to deliver coated tablets with specific consistent properties.

Real-time monitoring employs a combination of process parameter trends, measurements by PAT tools, and sources of process analytical data that can facilitate decision making and follow-up action.


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