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IMA’s way to Continuous Manufacturing

IMA Active is now ready for the paradigm shift in pharmaceutical manufacturing and taking the lead in the future of pharmaceutical technologies for OSD forms.
IMA Active’s belief in and knowledge of Continuous Manufacturing have grown stronger thanks to intensive R&D work carried out on two fronts.

A more disruptive front of IMA Active R&D consists in the partnership with CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, a spin out of Novartis-MIT Centre, leveraging a novel production platform called Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM). ICM enables seamless end-to-end Continuous Manufacturing processes that incorporate API formation steps with final drug product formulation.
IMA Active supports ICM in the development of EMC (Extrusion Molding Coating) technology to create the final dosage form.

While on the other R&D front IMA Active works on continuous processes by revisiting current technologies, embracing a concept of Continuous Manufacturing more closely related to conventional solid forms.

This initiative aims primarily to introduce continuous equipment into the market that can be integrated with conventional technologies, even in an existing plant, in order to improve the production performance of existing drugs.

Discover how to improve your production with Continuous Manufacturing.