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CCP Summit 2019 on Commercializing Continuous Processing in Pharma • Boston (MA), 29-31 January 2019

Post published on 17/12/2018

IMA Active and CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals at the CCP Summit 2019 on Commercializing Continuous Processing in Pharma

IMA Active and CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals are pleased to take part in the 3rd CCP Summit 2019 on Commercializing Continuous Processing in Pharma, which will be held in Boston (MA), on January 29-31, 2019.

Since embarked on this summit in 2017, the CCP community have witnessed how pharma and biotechs’ perceptions to Continuous Manufacturing have shifted from being a buzzword to reality, fast-tracking pilot projects to commercialization. Following two years of success, the CCP community will unite 130+ industry pioneers once again in Boston to discuss lessons learned, benchmark against best practice and share technology innovations to get ready for the next set of challenges. These 3 days will make an impact on your Continuous Manufacturing projects, helping you to stay ahead of the curve, and benefit patients with quality, more affordable and accessible medicines.

Key highlights of CCP 2019:

  1. Streamed tracks for biologics and small molecules for in-depth upstream and downstream scientific discussions – offering you a comprehensive Continuous Manufacturing journey.
  2. Janssen to guide you on cost-risk analysis for Continuous Manufacturing.
  3. FDA’s CBER shares their view on Continuous Manufacturing.
  4. Eli Lilly showcases implementation and project updates.
  5. Pre-conference workshop day focuses on PAT, control strategy, implementation roadblocks, and an exclusive site visit to CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, equipping you for a successful and quality set-up of Continuous Manufacturing.

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is a spin-out company from a multi-year collaboration between MIT and Novartis on Continuous Manufacturing, which is specialized in end-to-end Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), with the application of novel process technologies that enable rapid production of pharmaceuticals at significantly reduced costs and better quality. Hosted by CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, attendees will be able to visit the facility in Woburn to see first-hand the state-of-the-art and fully integrated Continuous Manufacturing facility. The 2-hour site visit will include a presentation of the end-to-end system and Q&As enabling you to:

  • Understand the potential and opportunities in ICM.
  • Improve affordability and accessibility of pharmaceuticals on a global scale.
  • Evaluate investment, implementation and build-out of commercial ICM plants.

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