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Case history • Skincare cream in bottle packaging line

IMA has recently built a turnkey line for skincare cream in bottles, from de-packing to case packing machine.

Post published on 19/04/2018

Skincare cream in bottle packaging line

Let’s break down the latest example of IMA’s line equipment: packing 30ml and 50ml plastic bottles in tuck-in reverse flaps cartons with a production output of 60 cartons per minute.

Main Customer’s requirement was high accuracy on managing each components of the packaging, as bottles, pumps, caps, carried into plastic trays, piled on pallet.


DEPACKER + 4FLEX – Bottle Depacker

A de-palletising machine handling bottles from trays to pucks. Fanuc Robots are used for placement, resulting in fast changeover procedures. Bottle orientation and laser coding are provided. Gentle handling of bottles is keyword when it comes to this machine.


PRIME LINEAR 60 – Filler

Prime Linear 60 is a cleverly designed filling machine. Its peculiarities are a double dosing system for a bi-phase product, a triple check-weigh system and a quick release system for off-line cleaning.


I-CAP60 + 4FLEX – Depacker & Pump Inserter

Thanks to placement-purposed Fanuc robots, the I-CAP60 handles the pump layed down on plastic trays and place it vertically on the bottles. Pump orientation and cannulas centering into bottle neck are provided.


I-CAP60 + 4FLEX – Depacker & Capper

Very similarly, the I-CAP60 handles the cap carried on plastic tray thanks to Fanuc Robots, while a customizable operating head, equipped with a vision system, places the caps always in the correct position.


VERTICARE – Vertical Cartoner

VERTICARE is an extremely versatile machine designed to work with a wide range of products. It carefully handles all of the package components throughout the entire packaging process.
Furthermore, VERTICARE is designed to allow 360° accessibility, in order to facilitate cleaning and format changeover.

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CP18 – Case Packer

Suitable for packing individual or bundled cartons into pre-glued RS cases, the CP18 easily fits into the end-of-line process thanks to its optimized and reduced footprint. Highly customized, this machine is equipped with a Track & Trace system dedicated to anti-counterfeiting.

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