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World of Coffee 2024

Copenhagen, Denmark - Booth ED-005
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The IMA Group on show at World of Coffee 2024

The IMA Coffee Hub is ready to welcome you to our booth ED-005 at the World of Coffee 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 27-29 June.

Visit us to learn more about our technologies and innovations covering every stage of coffee processing or packaging.

Explore our latest projects aimed at developing environmentally friendly solutions for the coffee industry, as part of the IMA ZERO corporate sustainability project and with the support of IMA OPENLab.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss with our experts the full range of solutions dedicated to the coffee market and find out how they can improve your business through a tangible experience on coffee processing and packaging at the IMA Coffee Lab.

Stop by our booth ED-005!


  • Coffee
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Booth ED-005
  • 27/06/2024 to 29/06/2024

Register now and visit us at the exhibition:

Bella Center Copenhagen

Center Blvd. 5, 2300 København, Denmark

Coffee processing technologies from A to Z.

IMA Coffee Hub is the broadest technical and commercial organisation serving the coffee processing and packaging industry today.

From small to large, standard to custom, throughout coffee handling and processing, IMA Petroncini ensures expert consultancy, all-round plant engineering services and targeted solutions in line with Industry 4.0 to increase your production efficiency and improve sustainability.

With more than 100 years in the industry, IMA Petroncini supplies complete coffee roasting plants for any capacity needs, starting from the green coffee handling and processing, up to roasters for all capacity requirements and next-generation degassing systems. When it comes to roasting, IMA Petroncini enables customers to envisage roasters featuring different systems to manage unlimited roasting profiles.

The range includes traditional roasters handling batches from 5 to 400 kg as well as modular solutions with external heat generation unit and roasting air recovery roasting up to 720 kg per cycle. A host of flexible degassing systems for large or small production volumes ensures consistently reproducible quality of ground coffee.

Complete customised lines for coffee packaging.

IMA Coffee, Packaging Division, covers all aspects of the packaging process, from consultancy and design to production planning and turnkey solutions, providing equipment for dosing, filling, sealing, cartoning and end-of-line solutions. Whether Classic or Avant-garde packaging style, IMA Coffee machines are able to process and handle every type of coffee product.

Starting with evergreen products, such as soft and hard pods, with a customised envelope configuration, to American style capsules, a product ahead of the curve in the North American market. For these product types, IMA Coffee provides low, medium or high-speed solutions, guaranteeing top performance and efficiency.

Our expertise and specific know-how for each type of product allow us to configure complete customised lines for every production requirement, offering a combination of primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions for traditional applications or innovative technologies to achieve the highest levels of productivity, efficiency and flexibility in size changeover and material handling.

IMA Group has recently consolidated its leading role within the coffee industry by opening the IMA Coffee LAB at its facilities located at IMA Petroncini headquarters in northern Italy. The pioneering space entirely dedicated to coffee technologies and innovations is OPEN and it’s at your disposal.

Get a taste of a coffee factory

A unique centre, open to all customers and coffee processing companies seeking professional advice and innovative solutions, IMA Coffee LAB houses a fully functioning pilot plant covering all handling, processing and packaging stages.

Far more than a showroom where customers can appreciate the extent of IMA’s expertise at each step of the process, IMA Coffee LAB is a place to experiment solutions and gain a tangible overview of an entire plant. Customers are invited to come and test their own coffee at any step of the process or run a complete processing and packaging test through the pilot plant.

Partnering each customer one to one

Specialist technicians are available on a permanent basis at the LAB to provide visiting companies with valuable advice and technical details covering all aspects of the machines and packaging solutions available. Working together on developing the ideal configuration enables IMA to adapt key features according to specific customer needs, leading to no less than a tailor-made solution. Ultimately the goal is to provide all the answers needed to create an integrated processing and packaging line which will maximise production efficiency, performance and achieve the required product quality. Using the IMA Coffee LAB to optimise each aspect related to a customer’s product simply reflects the importance IMA attributes to finding the best possible solution.

Learning the secrets of coffee at our Academy

One of the most engaging ways to increase all skills related to the coffee processing sector is via the Academy, where IMA has gathered the world’s leading names and authorised SCA training professionals. Here, representatives of companies visiting the LAB will be able to attend learning sessions to gain more expertise in coffee analysis, roasting techniques, in-cup sensorial analysis. Following the SCA certification modules is one way, but IMA Coffee also encourages visitors to adhere to a personalised training programme which can be coordinated with the training staff.

Visit us at World of Coffee 2024 to learn more about our sustainable steps forward in the Coffee industry. Discover the Group's sustainability project IMA ZERO and its pillar IMA OPENLab.

IMA ZERO - The foundation of our sustainable development program

It includes all practices already in place, plus those we are currently implementing, and has the ultimate goal of minimizing environmental impact in industrial manufacturing, and promoting and creating a working and living habitat that always puts people at the centre.

Economic results and social benefits are complementary objectives through which we have always generated value for our company, customersemployeessuppliers and for the entire community.

We know that, to proceed on our growth path, it is necessary to redirect our mentality towards newer and greater goals. At this point in history, we must do it not only for our business, but mostly for the environment and for the society we live and operate in: IMA ZERO definitely represents and embodies the Group’s will and dedication to change and give a positive and eco-friendly impact.

Starting from innovationIMA ZERO is our very latest promise to create products, production processes and services, benefitting from a renewed logic of sustainability and from the awareness that our commitment today will help to shape the world of tomorrow.

IMA OPENLab - The place to share

OPENLab is the IMA Group’s network of technological laboratories and testing area, dedicated to the research on sustainable materials, technologies and production optimization processes.

Thanks to the implementation of the most modern digital infrastructures, together with think tank spaces, environments dedicated to the generation of ideas and the prototyping of materials, we aim to build a connection between knowledge and skills coming from machines, packaging manufacturing and customers.

The main goal of the laboratories is to find alternative materials to plastic and it aims to merge studies, experimentation and industrial development activities on materials including all laboratory phases, from design to engineering, of products and processes.


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