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Dosing and Wrapping

Compactness, flexibility and state-of-the-art technology

Compactness, flexibility and state-of-the-art technology

High quality at an economical level

Compactness, flexibility and state-of-the-art technology describe the MULTIPACK 2000.

With a dosing variety from 50 up to 500g and an output of 100 ppm, this dosing and wrapping machine stands for high quality at an economical level.

The MULTIPACK 2000 accomplishes a supreme dosing accuracy (s=0.5 g for Qn≤250 g). Further highlights are the servo-drive technology and the remarkable reliability of the machine.


IMA Benhil
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IMA Benhil

MULTIPACK 2000 Highlights

Exceptional filling accuracy
Size flexibility within the weight range of 50–500 g and an output of 100 packets/min
Bottom fold
Packet shapes: brick or cube

Product output options preview

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Butter & Margarine - Wrapping consumer portion
Butter & Margarine - Wrapping big portion
  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
Filled products Butter, margarine, edible fats, fresh cheese and other pasty products
Dosing range 50 – 500 g
Nominal output Up to 100 packets/min.
Filling accuracy s = 0.5 g for Qn < 250 g
Product feed Direct feed from the process plant or trough with feeding augers
Wrapping material Parchment, aluminum laminated foil, plastic coated papers, other materials on request
Folding and shapes Bottom fold for bricks/cubes
End-of-line packaging By downstream fully automatic or semi-automatic case packer
Equipment Servo-driven main drive, individual servo-drives for wrapping material feed, photo-electric for wrapper with printed scanning marks, dosing unit and lifting cells, discharge conveyor, corrosion-resistant materials in the filling area
Options Hand cleanable dosing unit, date coding, tendency control, second closing folder, Joint tape registration, machine cover in polycarbonate, remote access control
Machine control PLC by Allen Bradley with touch screen panel
MULTIPACK 2000 Layout

MULTIPACK 2000 Gallery

Wrapper feeding system
Production area
Dosing unit
End folding unit
Calibration unit and product discharge
Product outfeed