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M-F Series
Forming, filling and sealing

Huge value, small footprint

Designed to handle yoghurt, fresh cheese, tomato sauce, fruit puree, water and more, the  form, fill and seal machines of the M-F series are one of the market’s most compact solutions for cups in a wide range of shapes and sizes, combining a series of processes on one single machine.

Cups are thermoformed, filled with product, hermetically sealed with a film or foil and cut into singles or multi-packs.

Cups can be designed cost-effectively with interesting labelling solutions and freedom of cup geometry. Not only a marketing tool, the label also strengthens the cup’s sidewall stability, enabling a thinner bottom web resulting in lower material costs.


M-F Series Highlights

Reduced footprint saving up to 30% on floor space.
Integration of electro-pneumatic cabinets and filler in machine base.
Highly versatile equipment: cups from 20 to 500 ml.
Excellent cost efficiency.

Products to be filled

With the form, fill and seal machine of the M-F series you can fill all kinds of liquid-to-pasty products - with or without particulates - such as yogurt, fruit juice, white cheese, desserts, coffee cream, baby food, cereals.
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Filling Solutions

With its' long term experience in filling liquid to pasty products into different kind of cups - in thermoformed as well as in pre-formed cups - Erca offers a large variety of different filling possibilities. The fillers are known for their outstanding filling accuracy, a factor which inevitably leads to minimal product loss and enhanced productivity. Covering a wide range of filling styles, countless customized and tailor-made design possibilities are available to satisfy specific requests.
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Labelling Solutions

Cups can be designed cost-effectively and with a huge variety of different labelling solutions. The label is not only a marketing instrument - it also improves the cup’s sidewall stability – making it more rigid so the bottom web thickness for the cup can be reduced.
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Cup Shapes

Customized and tailor-made cup design possibilities are available to satisfy specific customer requests.
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  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
Cup material width 400 mm Draw off length 150 mm
Usable width   240 mm Forming depth 90 mm
PET/PET, PP and multilayers such as PS/PE, PS/PETG, PS/EVOH/PE, PP/EVOH/PP
Typical output
Yoghurt cups 63 x 63 mm, with w.a. label, 2×6 – 30 cycles/min. 21,600 cups/h
Standard Equipment
Components Controller and Servo motors ELAU, Pneum. FESTO, HMI 15″ touchscreen
Standard configuration Bottom web reel : Ø 1200 mm
Lid reel:                  Ø    400 mm
Label reel:              Ø    600 mm
Labelling with tilting mold, drive heating section on 6 pitches, exit conveyor with Intralox chains
Hygiene class Clean*, Ultra-clean*
Labelling Labelling, labelling for conical cups, 2 label heights
Chains ERCA chains with grippers and magnetic drive
Fillers Up to 3 fillers
* Depending on customer specification
M-F Series Layout

M-F Series Gallery

Web advance system
Dosing unit
Lid infeed
Cup discharge
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