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Moulding and wrapping

Ideal for pasty products, the ECOPACK is a fully automatic moulding and wrapping machine performing end-side folding

Ideal for pasty products, the ECOPACK is a fully automatic moulding and wrapping machine performing end-side folding

Economical wrapping with extremely gentle product handling

Ideal for pasty products, the ECOPACK F1000/1500 is a fully automatic moulding and wrapping machine performing end-side folding, and ensuring extremely gentle product handling, low wrapping material consumption and excellent dosing accuracy (s=0,4 g for Qn=100 g).

With dosing weights ranging between 50 and 500 g and a nominal output of 120/125 ppm, the ECOPACK F1000/1500 wrapping machine is flexible and provides accurate dosing and reduces wrapping material consumption by up to 30% compared to traditional folding styles.

The CARTOMAT 8554 is a fully automatic wrap-around cartoner with carton closing by cold glue or hot melt (inserted flaps or gluing all around types).

Starting from flat blank cartons and with an output up to 250 cartons per minute, it allows many product configurations by handling 2-24 portions: from 2×1 in one layer up to 8×2 in one layer, or 4×3 in two layers. The CARTOMAT 8554 is suitable for working in line with small portions machine MULTIPACK 8358 as well as with the ECOPACK and other MULTIPACK machines.



  • Optimization of the utilized motors with energy-efficient motors.
  • Power saving between 10 – 30%.
  • Very low packaging material consumption due to the end fold
    style (up to 30% compared with traditional folding style).
Usage of parchment paper and other paper based materials.
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Ecopack Highlights

Extremely gentle product handling
Exceptional filling accuracy, extremely high reliability and long service life
30% reduction on wrapping material consumption compared to traditional folds

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Butter & Margarine - Wrapping consumer portion
Butter & Margarine - Cartoning
  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
Model F 1000 F 1500
Product Butter, margarine and other pasty products
Nominal output Up to 125 packets/min. Up to 150 packets/min.
Dosing range 50 – 500 g
Filling accuracy Better than s=0,4 for Qn < 100 g
Product feed Direct feed from the process plant, through with feeding augers
Wrapping material Parchment, aluminum laminated foil, plastic coated papers, other materials on request
Folding and shapes End-side folding for bricks
End-of-line packaging By downstream fully automatic or semi-automatic case packer
Equipment Servo-driven main drive, intermittent driven moulding wheel, photo-electric for wrapper with printed scanning marks, discharge conveyor, non-corrosive or other proven food-grade materials in the product area
Special Equipment CIP cleaning, butter embossing, electrical weight adjustment, central lubrication, date coding, tendency control, remote access control
Machine control PLC by Allen Bradley with touch screen operating panel
Ecopack Layout

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Wrapping wheel
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