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Post published on 26/02/2024

KEN'S Foods and IMA Hassia

  • IMA Hassia’s vertical form, fill & seal machine F600 for sachets was well trusted by the company KEN’S Foods, which is specialized in salad dressings.
  • After its launch in 2019, six F600 machines have been installed in KEN’S Foods’ production site for salad dressing filling.


The history of KEN’S Foods, specialized in salad dressings, and IMA started back in 2016, when KEN’S Foods picked up some cup business and installed some IMA Hassia P500 machines for cup filling. Since this first collaboration was very successful, KEN’S Foods was confident when IMA Hassia launched the F600 vertical form, fill & seal machine for sachets and presented the project, in 2019. This machine suited their needs specifically for dosing and capacity, making sure they had tighter pounces, which increased yield for KEN’S Foods and, in general, it is simply a much more advanced technology and newer installation.

Currently, KEN’S Foods has five F600 machine installed plus one bought, which improve the company’s package in multiple ways: it gave the possibility to have front back registration on KEN’S sachets, which allowed marketing attempts on the back, rebranding them. Moreover, thanks to tighter fill tolerances and tighter dosing the yield has increased significantly. The F600 has also positive impacts on sustainability too, as it boosts an advanced clean-in-place function that leads to time saving, as well as water and chemical savings with the way KEN’S is cleaning the machines now. It’s also important to mention that the improved fill accuracy was fundamental to drastically reduce film waste, allowing KEN’S to tighten their pouch geometries and lowering its environmental impact.

In general, the collaboration resulted to be a win-win and the F600 proved to accurately suit all KEN’S needs.


About IMA Hassia

IMA Hassia stands for more than 70 years of experience in the design and development of high-quality form, fill and seal machines and has a large base of worldwide installations. The portfolio comprises also the highspeed filling and sealing machines from the well-known Hamba-brand.

The F600 machine and sustainability

The vertical form, fill & seal machine F600 for sachets guarantees easy-to-use packaging for liquid and pasty products, even in paper-based sachets.

Dosing units can be adjusted to the product requirements and guarantee a high filling accuracy.

Processing typically at speeds of up to 78.600 sachets/h, the F600 can be designed to comply with customer-specific or product-specific requirements.

A special version of the sachet machine is the F600/2 which is modified to produce sachets consisting of two different film materials or film thicknesses.

This type of sachet is especially popular in the USA. For this purpose, the machine is designed to hold 2 rolls of film. These unwind stations are located at the rear of the machine.

These sachet machines are intended for packaging high-quality pharmaceutical,cosmetics, and food stuff products.

About KEN’S Foods

KEN’S is a family business that traces back to the basement of Ken’s Steak House, a restaurant in Framingham, Massachusetts that became known for its delicious salad dressings. To this day, KEN’S is still owned by the same family, as they continue their tradition of flavor obsession. KEN’S Foods produces hundreds of different formulations, different geometries, different film materials, oils, boosting a vast array of products.


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