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A 50-year partnership based on trust and high-performance technologies

IMA Corazza and leading Austrian brand for dairy products, Rupp Austria GmbH, are two companies that have evolved along parallel lines since the early 70s. On one hand, IMA Corazza is a benchmark for dosing, wrapping and packaging solutions that feature machines for all formats, portions and weights, as well as cartoning, boxing, banding and end-of-line solutions. On the other, Rupp Austria GmbH, headquartered on the shores of Lake Constance with facilities around the world producing 60,000 tons of cheese annually.

When these two companies started working together 50 years ago, who would have guessed that in 2022 the integrated solutions provided by IMA Corazza would have evolved alongside the expanding business activities of Rupp Austria GmbH? Anyone could have guessed, because where performance is at the heart of your technology, cost-efficient solutions and customer-centric relations will consolidate that relationship.

So, we have recently installed state-of-the-art, twin, high-speed lines for the processing and packaging of processed cheese portions, offering maximum flexibility and accurate dosing and wrapping.

The FF4 high-speed filling and wrapping machine doses, wraps and seals up to 600 portions/minute in triangular, square or rectangular shapes. Weights handled go from 10 to 40 g, plus any non-standard sizes and grammages that IMA Corazza experts have made possible. Access to components featured on the FF4 4-lane, cantilever, in-line machine superior production management and machine control. With a compact footprint and modular design, the machine is both space-efficient and flexible, so that maintenance operations are simple and minimise downtime. The dosing unit can be equipped with CIP automatic cleaning; moreover, it can be manufactured in special execution, allowing multi-flavour dosing.

Completing the lines at the Austrian facility are the SF100 Boxing Units, automatic two-lane cartoning machines for triangular portions in round boxes handling up to 75 cartons/minute when paired with the FF4. The BRI103 DUO Automatic Banding Machine applies pre-cut self-adhesive banderols on round boxes of processed cheese. The machine, which is engineered to cope with the upstream feed from the SF100, handles different formats.

Listen to what the customer has to say about IMA Corazza technologies and the business partnership, which has a history of nearly 50 years in this video interview>>



Rupp Austria GmbH

Founded in 1908, Rupp is the largest family-owned company in the Austrian dairy industry and offers processed and natural cheese specialities under the Rupp and Alma brands. The company is also active in the B2B segment. With over 750 employees, Rupp will achieve a turnover of 250 million euros in 60 sales countries in 2021. The main factory is located in Hörbranz and was put into operation in 2008.


IMA Corazza

Since 1954 IMA Corazza, headquartered in Bologna (Italy), is the world leading name for dairy and convenience food packaging equipment, offering complete solutions to dose, wrap and box processed & cream cheese, butter, yeast, paste & pressed soup cube.

A specialist for marketing-oriented solutions, IMA Corazza is also renowned for prompt and reliable customer service.

IMA Corazza is part of IMA Group since 2011.