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Thank to the widest possible range of processing and packaging solutions, IMA is able to supply turnkey solutions according to your specific requirements.

Go and select the product you wish to process and the packaging style, and have a look at our solutions at each level of the processing and packaging line.

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The brand new capsule cartoner C-900 can handle any type of capsule available on the market packing them in a wide range of sizes and carton configurations.
Infinite capsule arrangement options and carton styles
timer Up to 90 cartons/min
The FTB608-C is a cartoning machine for oriented capsules up to 40 boxes/minute. Starting from flat blank carton, there is the possibility to pack in a single box multi product flavors with a dedicated feeding system design.
Cartoning machine for oriented capsules
timer Up to 40 cartons/min
Built to run in line with filling and sealing equipment, the FTB584-C is a space-efficient, flexible cartoning machine for American and espresso coffee capsules. Proves to be an excellent turnkey solution placed in line with the 590.
Compact, efficient, flexible.
timer Up to 25 cartons/min
Able to handle a huge variety of packaging types and shapes, FTC570 is a continuous vertical cartoner for coffee capsules in bulk format. Can be equipped with different counting, data coding, rejection and infeed solutions.
Versatile, for enhanced productivity
timer Up to 120 cartons/min
Ideal for American and Espresso coffee capsules, tea and soluble beverages, the FTB577-C is a high-performance capsule cartoner which will provide an excellent turnkey solution in line with a high speed filling and sealing machine.
Maximum performance, ultimate efficiency
timer Up to 80 cartons/min
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